Where to Buy Adipex?

Phentermine was added to the list of FDA-approved formulations in 1954, while Adipex was released for commercial sales in 1990 by Gate Pharmaceuticals, the division of widely known Israeli company – Teva Pharmaceuticals. Just like any phentermine-based preparation, in the US Adipex-P is available by prescription only.

The preparation is available throughout brick and mortar pharmacies across all the United States: C V S Corporation, Walgreens, Walmart Stores Inc, Rite Aid Corporation, Kroger Company and others (Adipex is also available in Canada).

The drug will cost you around $50 – $60 dollars at physical store, and you will be asked to provide a prescription.

If you are not ensured with Medicaid, Medicare and don’t have a coverage for Adipex, you may want to take advantage of a web coupon at the official website, Adipex.com to cut down the expenses with your next purchase (it would be necessary to present the card at the drugstore); read terms and conditions to double check whether you are eligible for using the program.

You cannot complete a purchase at an official website; however, you can jump online to pick up the drug at one of the online pharmacies.

This way or the other, you are not likely to find plenty of original Adipex offers, meaning the drug is mostly available in the generic form.

In this regard you should be prepared to face generic phentermine, the preparation manufactured by international companies around the world (mostly South Eastern Asia).