How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?

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Millions of men and women are looking to lose the extra pounds, and unfortunately, engaging in regular sports activities is not the panacea for all of them. The reasons could be many – from banal laziness to contraindications associated with chronic diseases. If you are puzzling over the question whether it is possible to lose weight without regular exercising, let us answer it here and now: yes, it is possible. However, the effectiveness of such a process is not that extensive, plus you will have no other option but to rely on your willpower, so you better have it well-trained or at least be ready for significant lifestyle changes.

How to lose weight without exercise: the basic postulates

To launch the weight loss process in the human body, the calorie intake must be less than the amount of calories spent. It is a pledge to losing weight without sports. It may seem that nothing could be simpler: restrict the intake of calories and the extra pounds will go. But reality is more complicated, as always. Any rigid diet triggers an ancient survival mechanism that implies storing fat for a rainy day, so people not only lose weight, but on the contrary, start gaining it; don’t even consider the options of diets and starvation periods.

Another prerequisite for losing weight without exercising is enhancing the metabolism.

That’s another cornerstone of sports in weight loss management, but in our case we’ll be taking advantage of tips and recommendations that exclude extensive physical loads:

  1. Start your day with glass of water (you should better rinse out your mouth after a sleep) – it will serve as a sign for the activation of the vital systems of the body. Eat your breakfast in the morning shortly after, a meal will launch metabolic processes, plus active digestion will contribute to burning calories.
  2. A night sleep of 7-8 hours daily is mandatory for your body. An insufficient sleep results in slowed down metabolism.
  3. Visit sauna or take a steam bath regularly – an excellent method for losing weight without stress – not only it speeds up your metabolism, but also helps you to get rid of harmful toxins.
  4. If you consume less calories than during the other week, your body will not deposit fat until a caloric intake falls below a critical level. So you may want to cheat your body.
  5. Eat more frequently and in small portions. The digestion of food requires energy expenditure, so the process of burning calories can go almost constantly.
  6. Watch the size of the servings carefully. Burning calories without exercising is carried out slower, therefore, so you need to restrict their amount; as an option, you may want to eat from dessert plates instead of the usual ones.
  7. Adhere to the principles of proper nutrition: fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and lean meat should prevail in the diet. Do your best to give up the flour and sweets.
  8. Drink more water, as it cleanses the body. Not many know, but the feeling of thirst may manifest as hunger, so try drinking a glass of water each time you feel hungry – the feeling may pass away and the next reception could be shifted without any extra efforts.

All of these recommendations don’t have a diet nature and shouldn’t be regarded to as temporary means to lose a few extra kilos. These are the lifestyle principles, and if you adhere to this principles, the odds to lose weight are pretty good.

The pitfalls of losing weight without sports

Well, losing weight without exercising is not a brilliant option deprived of weak points, especially for those in whom sports are not contraindicated. Hypodynamic lifestyle (a lack of motion) negatively affects vital organs – the spleen and liver. Secondly, even if you follow the majority of the recommendations, the metabolism can not start the way it does with regular physical exercising. And if the main method of weight loss is tough caloric restriction or even starvation, then, you will deal with nothing but fat accumulation.

Thirdly, if you don’t stick to the recommendations on a permanent basis, the progress you’ve managed to achieve within months may pass away within just a couple of weeks. Finally, the effectiveness of such method leaves much to be desired according to many people who try it. So you should better be prepared for the process taking long months or even years. Perhaps, the only of option of speeding up the process is daily walking. You can start with the minimum distances, at least 1 mile per day, and increase the distance by 5-10% each week.

Daily walking should be mandatory, so you body can get used to the new physiological impact and adjust metabolism accordingly.