Weight Loss for Men

Weight Loss for Men

You have diligently trained according to an individually picked-up program, increasing the weight in your trainings and going to new feats in cardio exercises? Here’s news of the day: it is not enough for the final success, in particular to get rid of those fat deposits. Even if you work in the gym every day for an hour, you still have 23 hours at your disposal to make the same mistake(s) that prevent you from achieving the desired results: whether it is a beer with friends, a bag of chips in front of TV or a hamburger for lunch. Obviously, a diet is a huge part of a plan to lose excess weight. Moreover, the foundation of the solid spirit and slender body.

‘A diet determines by up to 65% whether a person can lose weight and switch to the desired size M’, says Jim Jag, a consultant on bodybuilding nutrition, a person that is 100% sure that regular physical exercising in conjunction with a proper diet can provide stunning weight loss results.

And if you are looking for quick results, you have no time to fool around, to ascent to the summit of success you need to start working today. Go to the nearest store to stock up with suitable products and the next morning start to follow the rules of healthy eating.

How to lose weight in males: 3 simple principles of ‘acceleration’

Eat at least 1 gram of protein per 1 kg of your weight daily. If the amount of protein is too low in a low-calorie diet, you will lose not fat into muscle. In turn, protein rich meals help maintain muscle mass even during drying. Give your preference to low-fat high-quality protein that is contained in eggs, poultry, lean red meat protein and sports supplements.

Make sure that the content of carbohydrates in your diet is moderate. The moderate concentration helps to speed up the process of losing extra kilograms, while maintaining vigor and vitality slimming. Be sure to fill your refrigerator with foods rich in fiber and pure carbohydrates, such as potatoes, oatmeal, rice, whole wheat bread, etc.

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. This will allow your body to maintain a healthy energetic. Water should generally be the main drink during the diet. Despite the fact that many rely on diet or low-calorie carbonated sweetened drinks, good old-fashioned water is still the best choice.

How to lose weight man: habits and addictions

Your taste preferences are the main enemies of weight loss. And dealing with the bad habits is the cornerstone of effective weight loss. It is not that easy to say ‘no’ to a bottle of beer, fast food, dumplings or fried potatoes, especially if a good company of friends is making a collective decision to drop in at a local fast food restaurant.

In such situations dieters can at least adopt the the habit of coming to these meetings fed and do their best to resist the temptation to supplement the delicious dinner with chips or coke from a vending machine. Prepare yourself for a real psychological battle, the price of which is slim and attractive body.

Explaining how to lose weight in the belly area in males, Mr. Jag tells the story of a small trick that allows you to have sufficient motivation to follow the rules of the diet. Thus, under the recommended program a person is free in his choices during the seventh day – you can eat whatever you want. No kidding.

In such circumstances, a man aspiring to lose some 20 pounds of weight or more is much easier to comply with the requirements of the diet, knowing that at the weekend he will be able to treat himself with a pizza, donuts, chips, beer and other goodies.

Nutritionists also recommend taking a few photos of your face and body once a week or month to see real results, motivating for further exploits. Thus, some nutritionists initially photograph their patients from the front, behind and in profile, and recommend to fix an original collage on a mirror as a stimulus that helps to lose weight at home.

What can you expect?

Some guys manage to throw a couple of kilograms is already in the first week of the course, if they strictly adhere to the rules. This is quite moderate and correct rate of weight loss, so that the missing sides and stomach does not return back immediately after completion of the program.

In order to evaluate objectively the results of weight loss, nutritionists and trainers recommend to weigh only once a week, with no clothes on, during the same time. When seeking to lose weight, it may seem that the weight does not go away or goes too slow, the eighth day of the course is the time when you should adjust your diet down.

As for exercising, instead of one cardio training session lasting 1-1.5 hours, experts advise to do exercises in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening, at the end of the working day. The duration of each session in this case ranges from 20 to 40 minutes.