Suprenza (Phentermine Hydrochloride)

A perfect body you’ve always been dreaming about. Now it’s a reality.
Suprenza works wonders.

The active substance of Suprenza, phentermine hydrochloride, has been added to FDA registry more than a half of a century ago, in 1954; it’s an extremely effective, time-tested weight loss solution providing guaranteed results. The preparation has been marketed for more than 20 years by now, boasting comprehensive results in weight loss management.

The drug is manufactured by a Swiss Alpex Pharma SA Company located in Lugano, a high-tech business servicing a range of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies; in North America the preparation is marketed by Akrimax Pharmaceuticals LLC. The medications containing phentermine reportedly have been prescribed to over

60 million patients, and among the preparations designed for obesity treatment with increased body mass index Suprenza finds itself comfortably among the most affordable preparations.

So this is why thousands of people make a choice in favour of Suprenza:

  • In a range of randomised clinical trials it was confirmed that the active ingredient provides a 3.4% decrease in weight in comparison with placebo.
  • The active substance belongs to adrenergic stimulants group, the medication contributes to an enhanced norepinephrine release, which modifies food consumption behavior, effectively removing even ‘sportsman hunger’.
  • The drug is produced for short-term treatment courses (not exceeding 3-4 weeks on average), so there’s no need to undergo long-term, expensive therapy.

Dealing with your hunger. Mildly and carefully

When you feel hungry, it means that nerve impulses are directed to your brain center and the feeling gets accelerated as time passes.

Suprenza aims at blocking these impulses through the use of phentermine, and as a result, no excitation of the brain center occurs and the feeling of hunger becomes way more controllable.

Therefore, sticking to a healthy diet and planning your meals becomes a less stressful process and you eat less in total. This way or the other, human body draws a heft of energy with foods consumed, but this is where body correction starts as your organism begins producing the accumulations of fat. Suprenza suits perfectly for those determined for drastic changes in their shape and weight.

On the background of dozens of drugs, targeting on fluid excretion from the body (the results of such therapy is double speed weight gaining as soon as the treatment abandons), Suprenza helps you to get rid of the extra pounds in a more natural way with a focus on long-distance results.

Overcoming obesity effortlessly

Suprenza demonstrates stunning weight loss results due to a synergy of comprehensive effects, combating the issue at every level. And this is how the drug helps you get back to normality.

Stimulating fat burning

The drug promotes metabolic processes and enhances thermogenic rates, accelerating fat burning therefore reducing your weight.

Eliminating fat production

The active ingredient of Suprenza blocks the production and accumulation of fat – it ‘locks’ your current results and creates the ground for incredible transformations.

Food consumption under control

A proven formulation modifies your meal consumption habits in a stress-free way, enabling you to make changes to your daily ration and stick to a healthy diet plan.

Boosting your energy

The drug fills your body with pure energy, increasing your performance and thus helping you to lose more weight.

A better mood

The exhausting diets make you feel irritated and crabby, but Suprenza keeps you in good emotional shape throughout the entire course of treatment.

Indications for use

The preparation is designed for short-term use and the optimal results are guaranteed only in case the therapy is initiated along with adjustments in diet and lifestyle (low carb, green-rich diet with regular physical exercising are preferred).

The drug is assigned only to those patients whose body mass index is equal (or greater) than 30 kg/m2 (in the presence of risk factors, such as diabetes or hypertension, 27 kg/m2 indicator is allowed).

The medication comes in 15, 30 or 37.5mg capsules for oral use, as a rule, taken during the morning hours in one intake regardless of meals. Do not take the drug at bedtime as it may cause insomnia.

Consult your doctor before taking Suprenza pills; do not initiate self-treatment to avoid the risk of adverse reactions.

Please, keep in mind that the preparation must not be taken by pregnant women and children under 16 years.

What patients say about Suprenza

Suprenza is available by prescription at US and Canadian pharmacies for more than a decade. The clinical efficiency of the drug was confirmed in numerous studies and researches; however, the feedback of real people remains to be the most essential factor.

So here’s what Americans say about the drug.

Patrick Farber, 42 years old, New Jersey

Suprenza is your perfect chance to start doing something with your life, I mean positive changes. It’s not a magic pill that makes you look gorgeous and awesome, it gives you an opportunity to make a mind-blowing transformation. I was lucky, though persistent enough to take my chance. Why don’t you take yours?

Laura Brocchi, 52 years old, NYC

Well, a couple of visits to my nutritionist were almost useless in comparison with Suprenza treatment. I understood perfectly that fast food was not an option, but what could I do about it? Suprenza is stronger than your hunger. You can count on it. And if you are suffering from obesity, you should definitely give it a try.

Roxann Blue, 34 years old, Denver

During the first several months of childbed I just couldn’t stop enjoying the delicious meals I had no other option but to refrain from when I was pregnant. I had obesity problems in the past and after the childbirth they’ve got worsened. Suprenza gave the desired confidence that I can deal with my hunger and start doing something and it helped me a lot.