Stop Your Appetite: Flavors And Spices That Help Lose Weight

Natural, healthy and inexpensive. Your kitchen definitely contains these delicious “tools” that can help fight excess weight.


Even though cinnamon is strongly associated with Christmas, it “works” throughout the entire year.

It helps:

  • cope with the craving for sweets,
  • maintain a stable blood sugar level (its “jumps” cause bouts of wolfish appetite),
  • boosts metabolism.

Add it to your tea, cheese or yogurt, sprinkle the apples before you bake them in the oven. The main thing is to use cinnamon sticks, rather than ground cinnamon mixed with sugar or powdered sugar.


Vanilla helps fight “chocolate addiction”.

As soon as you feel the urge to shovel down a bar or two, brew yourself vanilla tea or light an aroma candle with this flavor.

Great mood will be another bonus.

If you decide to use vanilla pods to improve the taste of food, be careful, it’s very easy to overdose with the flavor!

Green Apple

The aroma of green apple helps defeat hunger attack and, at the same time, discourages you from eating something nutritious and harmful, like a slice of pizza.

Very often, apples (especially acidic) fuel the appetite, so we remind you – you must SMELL fresh green apples!

However, you also should eat them, yet baked.

Chili Pepper

A pinch of hot red pepper, added to a dish, does not fuel your appetite, as opposed to popular belief.

It contributes to a fast saturation (recommendation to chew thoroughly is also valid here).

Besides, capsaicin contained in chili boosts your metabolism.


To survive an attack of hunger and not slip to gluttony, you have to really really thoroughly brush your teeth with any mint paste.

However, you should be careful with mint tea.

The smell of mint does calm you down, while its infusion, vice versa, teases your appetite.