Star Regime: Your Zodiac Diet

Zodiac Diet

They say that a habit gives birth to character, and astrology helps understand the behavior and tastes of a person to look into the future. Stars will tell you which diet is best for your zodiac sign.

Aries (march 21 – april 20)

Your sign is governed by a determined Mars, which means that you have enough firmness, if you go into attack on extra pounds. Rigid diets, hard sports – all this is quite in his (and your) nature.

For you, “I want” means “I can”. You prefer turbo mode, as you strive for a quick result. For the same reason, you can use machine procedures. For example, the ones that use ultrasound, which quickly and effectively polish your silhouette.

In a word, you have no problems with motivation, and you spare no effort in achieving the figure of your dreams.

One tip: be especially careful at the exit from the diet to restore the balance of nutrients and prevent the deficit of important elements. As physical activity, choose running and vigorous aerobic exercise.

Taurus (april 21, may 20)

To get on an easy diet? The epicurean character of Venus, which governs your sign, will be prejudiced against such an idea. Just reading the diet menu with steamed chicken fillets, oatmeal crispbreads and skimmed yogurt as a bonus can make you extremely bored.

No, this bland life is not for you. Yet, you do not regret efforts, time and money, if you decide to bring yourself in shape. Perseverance, thoroughness – these are your advantages.

Conscientiously, as if it were a question of work, you will cook for yourself refined balanced meals, and even better – spend a week or two in a specialized wellness center, where your meals will be made by professionals.

In terms of sports, endurance exercises will bring a good result. Remember not to part with vegetables and fruits. Your sign has a clear sympathy for vegetarianism.

Twins (may 21 – june 21)

If you really need to move to lose weight, then you can become a champion! Your sign is driven by the dynamic Mercury. The main thing is that you do not forget to move from words to deeds.

Once starting, you easily get carried away, enter the rhythm and are able to keep to a diet almost “on automatic pilot”. Especially if your attention is occupied by something else at the same time.

Sign up for a psychological training or language courses, which will help you put aside the gastronomic topic as such. To add a drive, you can choose one of the latest fashion modes. Thus, your curiosity will get the necessary food, and your living, critical mind will allow you to easily adapt the menu to your personal taste.

Cancer (june 22 – july 22)

The failing light of the moon that governs your sign gives birth to shadows. And you are more likely to retreat, if the road to slenderness seems dubious or complex. So, someone should support you or even push you forward!

Your sign is a perfect candidate for competent coaching. The advice of a nutritionist, recommended by your friends (and you are sure of his reputation), a special app on your smartphone or a personalized online program on a website – all this will help you overcome doubts and not retreat.

To strengthen your motivation, imagine yourself light and slender, remembering at the same time that you do not need to rush anywhere. Your way to sports lies through the pool or sea waves. Your faithful companions are massages and pleasant slimming creams. And in the evening, a cup of herbal tea with a drop of honey will help relieve stress and promote a strong sleep.

Leo (july 23 – august 23)

How can someone make lose weight the one, whose sign is controlled by the generous Sun? Very simply – you have to touch his pride. You can, for example, attach a photo of a supermodel with a gorgeous body to the fridge. It will save you from excesses, when delicacies call out for you.

On the other hand, all your dietary allies belong to the category of “luxury”:

  • asparagus,
  • oysters,
  • noble breed fish,
  • ready delicacies from your personal dietician.

The same sophistication you require from cosmetic procedures and products. You should be treated like a royalty, and then the price will not matter for you. If it’s fitness, then in the most prestigious club and in the most fashionable sports clothes. Well, it’s a good attitude: if you are losing weight, then let’s do it beautiful!

Virgin (august 24 – september 23)

You can not be fooled. Many diets do not give the promised results at all, and you know this very well. You are cautious, legible, have sanity, so you never believe overly positive promises.

Your sign is run by the active Mercury, yet it’s pointless to try and convince you that someone could lose 10 kg in a week without harming his health. Dietology is your environment. You know by heart the table of caloric foods content, their favorable and inadmissible combinations, as well as their glycemic index.

Best diet for you is the “bio” style diet, as well as all practices (respiratory, relaxation, yoga …) and types of physical activity that will reduce the level of nervous tension and stress.

Libra (september 24 – october 23)

Equilibrium is your ideal principle, including in nutrition. The soft, feminine character of Venus that governs your sign allows others to easily influence you. And this is where you’d better not succumb to the general rush that arises around risky newfangled diets or questionable gurus.

When you are choosing a weight loss diet regime, start with your own tastes, and see how it works in your personal case. Listen to the advice of an authoritative dietician, who will not call you to a dangerous extreme.

It is quite easy to refuse sweet drinks and chips, yet this does not mean that you have to limit yourself in everything. If an aperitif – make it slices of fresh vegetables, if a dish – make it light and aesthetic, if a glass make it a glass of champagne.

Share it with your loved one – his admiration motivates you like nothing else!

Scorpio (october 24 – november 22)

Serious Pluton rules your sign, and when you start dieting, you are very serious. You need results, and that’s when you are ready to go all the way to the end. Your strength is the steel will, which helps you fight temptations.

Still, you should not bring it to extremes, and in sport – to self-torture. You will be satisfied with the dietary principles of macrobiotics in combination with constant, moderate training, and a developed intuition will tell you which techniques work best for your body.

Do not miss its signals. Excessive fatigue or physical discomfort is a clear sign that it’s time to moderate your efforts.

Sagittarius (november 23 – december 21)

The life-loving Jupiter rules your sign, giving you a taste for good cuisine and fine wines. Just like him, you are not inclined to judge yourself strictly or limit yourself in some way, and still how do you lose weight?

Place your bet on your own curiosity and imagination. Healthy Mediterranean diet, light Japanese or exotic Thai dishes will allow you to mentally transfer to another country and not impoverish your menu too much.

In terms of sports, you are motivated by natural excitement. You can outperform yourself, if you challenge yourself!

Capricorn (december 22 – january 20)

Patron of your sign, Saturn, has made two valuable gifts to you at once:

  • love of discipline,
  • physique, which in principle is not too inclined to obesity.

However, if you think that your form needs to be further improved for some reason, you will act practically professionally and immediately on all fronts. Strictly adjusted portions, correct combinations of nutrients, oriental practices that balance your energy…

You do not need a large company for sports. Rock climbing, running or just energetic walking – you can handle these yourself without a single problem.

Aquarius (january 21 – february 20)

Diet of the Paleolithic era, based on exotic berries or by the colors of products – you are ready to try everything to satiate your curiosity, which was gifted to you by the governor of your sign, Uranus.

These experiments are interesting to you not only in terms of dietetics: communication on thematic forums and sites gives you a lot of new contacts and alternative ideas. Why not try to become slimmer with the help of psychotherapy, meditation or hypnosis?

Without jokes, similar methods can also suit you, because the state of our body and soul are inextricably linked…

Pisces (february 21, march 20)

To regain a perfect shape and tone, use the forces of the water element, as Neptune tells you, who is the patron of your sign. Aquabike or aquagymnastics, thalassotherapy, a season ticket to the pool, massage with moisturizing oils – all these measures will help you tune into the most positive way… and make the necessary adjustments to your diet.

Of course, fresh fish, healthy algae and other seafood are exactly what you need. Add to this the green salad, beans, vegetables and fruits – and success is assured!