Baking Soda With Lemon for Weight Loss: Effective and Safe?

Baking soda with lemon

Baking soda with lemon is one of the means for weight loss, which popular rumor ascribes a special power because of their cheapness, ease of use and relative naturalness.

Both baking soda and lemon juice have talents that perhaps, will not prevent to get rid of extra pounds, but the main advantages of these two products manifest in a completely different field.

Baking soda? Yes!

An American nutritionist Rebecca Wood, author of a book “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia” states that a modern person can experience specific “toxic pain” caused by accumulation of consequences of a constant intracellular oxidation.

This amazing disease of modern city dweller may manifest by different ways, including constant tiredness, lethargy and bad appearance, as well as headache, muscle and other pain.

According to Rebecca Wood, this can mean that the body needs more alkali.

Acid-base balance favorable for the body is in the range of 7.26-7.40.

“As soon as the tilt towards more acidic pH occurs, the person feels causeless general malaise, experience sleep problems” – explains a well-known Canadian healthy lifestyle expert, Brendan Brazier.

  • Rebecca Wood calls baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, simple, cheap and proven means able to align levels of acid and alkali in the body.

According to her, it is sufficient to regularly consume baking soda in a pure form to adjust the pH; this will beneficially affect the health and perhaps, will help to lose weight, since metabolic processes are normalized in the body.

Lemon juice – ok!

  • In a popular folk recipe for weight loss, fresh lemon, or more precisely, the lemon juice is a companion of soda. What does lemon bring in this popular tandem?

Ann Louise Gittleman, an author of a book “The Fat Flush Foods” is confident that use of pure lemon juice directly accelerates the liver function and stimulates activity of the gall bladder that is extremely important because namely the liver plays a thankless role of filter of toxins.

Lemon juice acts as a mild diuretic, stimulating the metabolic processes in the body, and “flushing out” toxic consequences of cell oxidation.

Use of lemon juice improves digestion and correspondingly helps to absorb component of any healthy diet more fully.

In addition, lemons – are a generous source of vitamin C, one of the most popular and effective water-soluble antioxidants. Furthermore, fresh lemons contain limonene, a terpenic hydrocarbon stimulating lymph flow.

  • It is important that alkaline products optionally alkalify the body, just as acidic foods optionally change pH in the “acidic” side.

Namely, fresh lemons are “living proof” of this phenomenon: the yellow fruit, which is a food acid allegory (its own pH is 2), changes its properties and is converted in antioxidant product being in the digestive tract.

Grapefruit, pineapple, apple cider vinegar act the same way deserving the glory of food products that contribute to weight loss.

The American lemon and baking soda tonic: an authoritative recipe

Anna Louise Gittleman recommends to consume juice of at least one lemon daily diluted with water.

  • Rebecca Wood recommends to drink a glass of water with ¼ spoon of baking soda every two hours.

The American bloggers combined these two recommendations in one of already widespread and popular recipe combining baking soda with lemon not only for weight loss, but also for better health.


  • 300 ml water
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda.


  1. Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl, add a little baking soda and pour water.
  2. When the mixture stops hissing, add the rest of baking soda and water.
  3. Drink in small sips, with pauses, in order to baking soda with lemon can be absorbed.
  • You can add fresh mint leaves and a little ice in this tonic.

The American bloggers assure that this drink improves health, refreshes after exercise, and helps fight hunger bouts.

Is rapid weight loss with baking soda and lemon a dangerous myth?

Both lemon and baking soda, of course, have certain advantages that can benefit the body, and indirectly contribute to weight loss.

  • However, the popular rumor attributes to the combination “baking soda with lemon for weight loss,” a truly magic properties.

It is enough to have an elementary common sense to understand that you will hardly get rid of extra pounds drinking a mixture of lemon juice with baking soda.

Moreover, abuse of this means, contrary to expectations, may not get rid of problems with metabolism and health, but aggravate them.

Lemon acid and alkali of baking soda, separately and together having expressed active properties, can cause irritation of the mouth and esophagus, exacerbate gastrointestinal diseases, damage the tooth enamel, provoke jumps of blood pressure, and even prevent the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins.

  • In individual inclination and confluence of unfavorable circumstances, use of baking soda with lemon may cause disorders of urination and stool; blood pressure jumps can provoke appendicitis. Talk to your doctor before to use a sour-base cocktail.

However, the “word of mouth” continues to be replenished with magic weight loss recipes with baking soda and lemon.

  • Some of them “cunningly” bypass the risk for tooth and recommend to drink lemon juice with water on an empty stomach reaching a total volume of solution up to 2 liters per day, then to rinse the mouth with baking soda solution to neutralize the acid.

Others advise to increase the concentration of lemon and baking soda constantly, so that the body can accustomed.

The third ignore all the possible consequences and claim that all foods in the diet are necessary to replace by a mixture of water, lemon juice and baking soda for quick weight loss.

Is it possible to wash away excess weight?

Yes, it is.

  • Those who practice regular baths with baking soda and lemon used for weight loss and detox believe in this.
  • The idea of these procedures is that water penetrating into pores expanded by hot water “washes away” harmful toxins and waste products.

Baths with baking soda with addition of essential oil of lemon are recommended by Dr. Leonard Smith, a co-author of a book ” The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps.”

  • He notes that this simple and cheap home procedure improves circulation of blood and lymph, cleans pores and washes away dead particles of the epidermis, relaxes and makes the skin soft and smooth, that helps to feel more confident.

Avoid baths with baking soda and lemon (without lemon too), if you are pregnant, suffer from skin diseases and any injuries or are prone to high blood pressure.

Dr. Graham Simpson in his book “Wellness Medicine” gives a specific advice: to lose weight and improve your health, it is necessary to take a course of baths with baking soda (with lemon or lemon oil if desired and in the absence of contraindications).

Sixty grams of baking soda are dissolved in a bathtub of comfort temperature. Such bath can be taken from 10 to 20 minutes twice a week. After two weeks, you can add salt Epsom to baking soda with lemon; this substance has got into the number of known means for weight loss due to efforts of TV doctor Mehmet Oz.

Baking soda-salt bath – is an essential component of the “rapid diet of Dr. Oz,” lasting two weeks.

Throughout this period of adherence to a special food plan, it is necessary to take bath with 240 grams of Epsom salt and 120 grams of baking soda every evening.

Just as use of cocktail of baking soda with lemon for weight loss, bath procedures with the addition of any of these components will not create a miracle by themselves.

  • However, it is inexpensive, not useless and maintaining procedure for those who have decided to revise their way of life and nutrition, and firmly determined to become slimmer.