Phentermine Review

Put an end to obesity problems with a time-tested solution.

The all-around Phentermine effect is at your service.

Phentermine, represents the group psychostimulant and anorectic medications, and referred to the class of amphetamine agents, is a powerful remedy for obesity treatment. The preparation boasts well-pronounced appetite suppressive properties, confirmed in a range of pre-approval and post-marketing studies.

The drug is assigned to those patients in whom obesity is considered to be a health risk factor. The effect of the drug is more pronounced along with regular exercising and lifestyle changes (getting rid of bad habits, sticking to a diet plan, normalizing sleep and etc.).

Unlike many weight loss preparations, Phentermine is designed for short-term use – the average therapy lasts for several weeks.

Phentermine, based on the active substance of the same name, is largely available by abroad generic manufacturers, it differs from such preparations as Adipex-P and Zantryl with a lower price.

Since the date of its registry at FDA in 1954 it is reported that the total amount of prescriptions for Phentermine-based preparations is exceeding 60ml. The drug is prescribed as a diet pill in the US (diet pill) and Australia (appetite suppressant). Phentermine is a perfect choice for those having an increased body mass index and looking for a safe, effective and affordable medication. The medication’s potential is yet to be unlocked, the drug may get the second life in combinatory treatment with other substances – the potentially beneficial options are currently investigated.

A smooth effect

The drug works similarly to its parent compound, amphetamine; in therapeutical application phentermine impact contributes to a release of norepinephrine.

As a result of impact on hypothalamus, the feeling of hunger is not perceived sharply, in Australia the drug even classified as appetite suppressant.

However, your body needs resources to maintain the vitality of the entire system, and this is where the process of fat burning starts, as the drug also facilitates the release of noradrenaline and adrenaline, which in their turn contribute to a breakage of fat cells in the body.

The preparation drives your energy and enables a higher performance of the body, so the physical load and significant lifestyle changes pass on the background of moderate psychological state.

Effect of Phentermine

The preparation allows losing at least around 4% of weight if the treatment course is carried out along with food consumption behavior and lifestyle changes. Phentermine combats the issue at various levels – this is how it assists you with getting back to normality.

Burn fat

The drug not only helps you to get rid of fatty deposits, but also prevents your body from accumulating more fat. When administered in conjunction with regular physical load, you can achieve stunning results within the first few weeks of use.

Control your hunger

Phentermine enables you to control food intakes and stick to a healthier diet with a significantly decreased risks of psychological pressure. An effective diet starts from well-balanced out ration, and with Phentermine you can stick to the diet you could have hardly stay with for long in case of pure self-motivation.

Enjoy better mood

The preparation boosts your energy to help you cope with tough exercising and the new challenges caused by the recent changes. Phentermine keeps you in shape and enables you to overcome the problems with the minimum risks of emotional breakdowns.

Indications for use

The medication is appointed only in those people where obesity poses a risk to health. In particular, the preparation is prescribed to those who have a body mass index equal or exceeding 30kg/m2.

Receiving the drug with a lower body mass index is not recommended with the exception of patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension and a number of other serious conditions.

Initiating changes in lifestyle and adjusting food intake behaviour is essential – the patients are recommended to stick to low-carb, fruits and vegetables-rich diet plan, quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption to minimum.

The therapy, as a rule, doesn’t exceed a couple of weeks (3 – 4 weeks on average), the long-term treatment (12+ weeks) is prohibited because of the risk of significant complications.

The preparation is preferably taken in the morning on empty stomach or with foods at an average dosage of 37.5mg – a single capsule of Phentermine.

Before you start taking the pills, consult your doctor to confirm the optimal dosage and check the contraindications or special indications. The drug is available by prescription only, self-treatment may result into disastrous consequences (there are registered lethal cases in overdose).

Lactating, pregnant and those looking to get pregnant women must refrain from taking the pills. The drug is also contraindicated in young adults under 18 years old.

What common people say Phentermine treatment

The medication has proven itself as an effective anti-obesity drug, however, the most essential merit of its effectiveness is the level of satisfaction in real use. Take a look at what real patients say about the drug.

Justin Pomatski, 41 years old, New Hampshire

Phentermine is, perhaps, the most affordable drug in weight loss category I was offered. It turned out that it was the most suitable option in my case. The results became obvious after several courses of treatment with 1-2 months breaks. I have managed to lose 20 pounds and therefore achieved my initial goal.

Rebecca Joseph, 59 years old, Dallas

The doctor prescribed me Phentermine within a large program aimed at changing my lifestyle, and the result was there – I have managed to lose 15 pounds after 2 months of treatment, although the pharmaceutical therapy lasted for just 6 weeks.

Tamika Jones, 39 years old, Philadelphia

It was a totally positive experience, I guess largely due to the absence of any stress associated with the treatment. I’ve managed to substitute plenty of products with healthier ones and it all went smooth. I feel and look better now,  and Phentermine was a catalyst of these positive changes.