Girl Lost 77 kg And Became A Beauty

Girl lost 77 kg

24-year-old resident of California began to fight obesity, when the scales indicator began showed a shocking weight of 218 kg. As long as she remembers herself, Kylie was always a plump girl, and in high school, her weight reached 136 kg.

The girl had to survive the mockery and bullying from peers on her own, because she did not any have friends. At 24 years of age, with a height of 179 cm, she weighed already 218 kg.

I lived under constant pressure, wondering on whether I could fit on the chair. And if I can, on whether it will hold my weight. If I can walk from point A to point B, maintaining my makeup and hair, or will be dripping wet from sweat. People were constantly staring at me, as if I were a circus animal. It was clear that I evoked disgust and contempt in them.

Tired of humiliation, Kylie decided not to leave the house at some point. By the age of 25, she developed hypertension, was about to develop diabetes, and the attending physician warned of the possibility of having a heart attack.

Realizing that she could die, the girl was frightened and began fighting for her life. Kylie decided to go through a gastric bypass surgery. At that, for a successful surgery, she needed to lose at least 15-20 kg.

Determined to succeed, Kylie began to:

  • consume more protein and less carbohydrates,
  • drastically reduce caloric intake,
  • walk every day.

Thus, she managed to lose as much as 34 kilograms in 5 months. After two weeks of painful procedures, Kylie decided to introduce even bigger changes.

I constantly felt something jerking in my stomach, it hurt to walk, but it did not stop me.

  • She completely rejected fatty foods.
  • She reduced caloric intake to 800 calories a day.
  • Signed up for theCrossFit (she attends exercises at least 3 times a week).

Kylie managed to lose 77 kg. Now her weight is 140 kg, and she confidently strives for her goal of 102 kg. She has already fallen in love with her new body, and her victory over the extra kilos has visibly inspired her.

It was a real shock for me to see how much I changed during this time. My acquaintances were simply amazed, and their reaction motivates me even more, admits the girl. Weight loss really changed everything. Now, I live a life that I could not even imagine before.

Along with the changes in the figure, Kylie got her beauty back: her eyes sparkle again, she even started using make up.