Garlic To The Rescue! “Thermonuclear” Hero Will Resist Disease And Excess Weight


Garlic is one of the most faithful assistants of the human beings. Egyptian pharaohs idolized it for the multitude of talents. The annals contain records about pyramid builders striking because of the fact that they were not given garlic!Ancient Greek athletes ate one head of the magical plant before the competition. Ad for the immortal vampires, the only thing they were, probably, sorry is that the seductive aroma of garlic was contraindicated to them.

  • Garlic doesn’t only decorate any dish and improves its flavor. It is the winner throughout his life.

He equally brilliant crushes:

  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Fat cells.

Benefits of garlic

Language researchers believe that the Latin name of garlic ‘allium’, which is preserved in botany, derived from the word “wing”.

Garlic cloves really do have a resemblance with wings.

This ancient name of the flavored product gave the name to the most valuable and unique ingredient, produced from garlic, the ether allicin.

Curiously, garlic does not contain allicin in its pure form. This chemical compound is produced in just a few seconds, when the integrity of the clove tissue is destroyed. In this moment alliin and allitsinaza that are isolated in cells interact between each other.

“Winged” allicin not only provide fresh garlic with the recognizable flavor and “vigorous” taste. The substance allows garlic fight free radicals and provides it with the anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action.

Knight with a smell, yet without any fear or reproach

  • Oddly enough, garlic is a close relative of the lily.

Gentle inflorescence that crown arrows of garlic in springtime will remind a keen observer of this relationship, yet the resemblance is very distant. Yet, you won’t confuse the smell and taste of garlic with anything else.

  • This vegetable culture became popular during the ancient time and the time of ancient Egypt.

It still does not give up its position. Fragrant cloves are used in cooking and in medicine. The benefit of garlic for weight loss was discovered only recently, which, of course, caught the interest of nutritionists all over the world.

A garlic head contains:

  • about 7% protein,
  • almost 30 mg of vitamin C,
  • at least 1% sugar,
  • approximately 25% complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides).

Its unforgettable flavor defines a high content of volatile substances. The essential oil of garlic is nearly 1% of the total volume. It is the source of valuable phytoncides of the sulfide group and the legendary allicin.

Garlic also contains large amounts of B vitamins, including rare and essential for the nervous system:

  • Niacin
  • Pyridoxine
  • Folacin
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Iron.

Health benefits of garlic

There are about 300 edible varieties of garlic in the world. They have a different popularity in different countries of the world, but are equally useful. Today, garlic is used as an immunostimulant and a component of drugs for the prevention of cancer.

Garlic successfully fights internal parasites (worms, tapeworms) and even influenza viruses. It also gives you a chance not to get a food poison from poor-quality food, because it increases the resistance of your intestinal flora and the activeness of the cells-defenders, including against staphylococcus and salmonella.

Faced with the need to eat an unknown food, eat some garlic!

  • Garlic is truly indispensable for your cardiovascular system. Its regular presence in the menu makes the red blood cells to produce a special agent H2S (hydrogen sulfide) that relaxes the walls of blood vessels and improves blood flow.

Scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham discovered that an adult should consume about two small cloves of garlic daily to start and maintain this process.

  • This same mechanism allows the garlic to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol (low density lipoprotein).

Garlic lowers blood pressure and helps your heart “unload”. It also helps your internal organs to get more oxygen. This means that a systematic consumption of garlic helps prevent atherosclerosis and other similar cardiovascular disorders.

The most useful garlic is the fresh one. However, even in the composition of cooked food, garlic preserves its effect thanks to which blood cholesterol is not oxidized and does not damage the walls of blood vessels, thus helping to avoid cholesterol “plaque” on them.

Usefulness of garlic for weight loss

The ability of garlic to help get rid of excess weight has interested scientists quite recently. Much success was achieved in the Israeli Weizmann Institute. Official experiments were conducted only in laboratory animals so far.

Human volunteers were not involved.

However, the joint work of researchers and rodents allowed to find out that the main hero of the weight loss garlic story is the same super-useful “multi-taskinbg agent” – volatile allicin. It possesses a natural ability to reduce appetite and takes care of the prolonged diet efficacy.

  • Animals that lost weight while using the extracts of fresh garlic and got back to their normal diet afterwards, managed to avoid the effect of the rapid weight regain.

About 100 biologically active components were isolated in garlic. Not all of them were fully understood.

However, the following features of garlic have already proven to help boost the metabolism and lose weight:

  1. Garlic normalizes blood sugar levels, jumps of which cause hunger attacks and activate hormones that give the order to save fat.
  2. Garlic helps establish a healthy blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Thus, fluid is not retained and does not create unnecessary extra pounds.
  3. By struggling with the “bad” cholesterol and helping to absorb the “good” one, garlic promotes a healthy fat metabolism in body tissues.
  4. Thanks to its antifungal effect, garlic effectively fights against fungi of Candida genus, which is one of the underlying causes of weight gain and diabetes.
  5. In people who suffer from excess weight the production of adrenaline is often disrupted. This hormone is responsible for accelerating the breakdown of fats and decrease of appetite.

Regular consumption of garlic can restore the process and at the same time suppress the production of the hormone cortisol that destroys muscle proteins and causes painful cravings for salty and sweet.

How to eat garlic properly

The taste and aroma of garlic are more pronounced, if you crush it, instead of cutting. You don’t have the special press at hand?

Use the secret of all chefs:

  • ! crush unpeeled garlic cloves with the flat side of a wide knife, remove the husk, and chop the garlic to the desired size;
  • Do not rush to immediately put the freshly-crushed garlic into the dish. Set it aside for 10-15 minutes, especially if you plan to cook a hot dish. A number of substances that garlic contains undergo the necessary transformation during crushing. Even a short additional time for fermentation will allow cooked garlic provide more usefulness, not even mentioning fresh one;
  • To avoid the long persistent smell in your breath, which is the reason why people often dislike garlic, cut the clove in half and remove the germ of the embryo. Without this “component”, your dish with garlic will preserve both the tantalizing aroma and your ability to kissing;
  • If you have already eaten garlic without removing the germs, have some lemon juice or eat a couple of lemon slices. It will help you get rid of the characteristic aroma;

Unpeeled garlic cloves baked whole are very useful and tasty.

Cooked by this method, garlic acquires soft and creamy aroma and flavor. Its cloves become paste-like consistency and can be spread on crackers or eaten whole.

Croatian garlic diet

Artist Momir Zmirich from the Croatian city of Split, would have probably been happy, if his paintings were in museums around the world. However, he was destined to become famous for another reason. Momir become the legend of the diet world by inventing… garlic diet and losing 73 kg with it.

Momir Zmirich (he was 42 years at the beginning of the diet in 2009) all his life suffered from obesity, caused by overeating. He recalls that he could eat a whole chicken as a snack, and then “varnish” it with a 2 kg serving of roasted meat.

  • The Croatian artist weighed about 200 kg. He took the decision that it’s time to go on a diet overnight, when he once again gorged himself insanely while visiting his sister.

Learning that garlic helps fight increased appetite and extra weight, Momir invented his own diet:

  • ! he made biscuits that contained garlic more than flour, and ate them with the carrot juice.

The artist from Split kept to this eating plan for 6 months, and managed to lose nearly half of his original weight!

Zmirich became a sensation in his native Croatia. He was interviewed and talked on television about his success, which, however, can be attributed more to his willpower and the reduction of calorie intake, than the magical effect of garlic.

However, we must pay tribute to the purposeful artist. He did not return to his previous weight, although he is now eating other foods, besides the garlic biscuits.

  • Momir works out in the gym and recognizes that today he prefers vegetables, which are “also very tasty, though not fat”, instead of once favorite sausages, cheese, vegetables and potatoes.

The nutrition experts, commenting on the “Croatian garlic diet”, warn:

  • ! this original meal plan helped Momir Zmirich, but it is not certain that any other person will get the same effect and will avoid problems, typical for such a meager and limited nutrition.

Garlic is very useful and its usefulness for weight loss leaves no doubt, yet it does not mean that it is worth throwing out all other products, except garlic, even for a grand weight-loss…

Honest weight loss with garlic

The easiest way to experience the slimming effect of garlic is to add the freshly-crushed cloves into you usual meals.

  • However, if desired (and in the absence of medical contraindications), you can use the following weight loss methods with garlic.

Garlic and water

  • Crush two cloves of garlic,
  • Mix with 200 ml of still room temperature water,
  • Drink immediately.

It is recommended to consume this drink after morning awakening and before going to bed.

Garlic and apple cider vinegar

  • 2-3 fresh-crushed garlic cloves should be consumed daily, mixed with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, 30 minutes before lunch.

Garlic in olive oil

  • This recipe belongs to the traditional Spanish dishes.

You can consume this garlic-olive mass separately or with usual meals. Olive oil acts as a preservative, and the useful substances of crushed garlic are preserved longer.

However, it does make sense to prepare a fresh batch at least once a week.

  • place 50 grams of minced garlic in a bowl with a lid,
  • mix with 100 ml of first-cold pressed olive oil,
  • add spices (paprika, rosemary).

Side effects of garlic

Garlic generally does not cause allergic reactions, and most people can safely consume any amounts of it.

However, doctors warn:

  • ! do not eat a lot of garlic, if you suffer diseases of capillaries, bleeding disorders and chronic plethora syndrome.
  • ! Garlic is also contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, and it is recommended to use with caution in gastritis and ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not forget that garlic promotes the accumulation of gas in the intestine, so you shouldn’t abuse this useful plant, if you know your body is prone to flatulence.

In addition, the composition of garlic may provoke a specific odor not only of your breath, but also of the entire body: extractive flavors come out with your sweat. Note this moment, if you are planning to go dancing after the garlic feast.