Duromine is usually prescribed to overweight people and to people who suffer from obesity. If your Body Mass Index is more over then 30, then Duromine is exactly what you need. The active matter is phentermine that is a part of Duromine has the quality to restrain the appetite, but its major difference of the other medicine types for weight loss is in prolonged (more long lasting) effect and in extremely low price. The prolonged effect is reached through the contents of pitches in Duromine medicine, which provide slower release of the matter and its lower price – is a result of competent policy of the medicine producer. The giants of pharmacological industry invest huge cash resources for the advancement and strict advertisement of their medicine, which makes Duromine price quite high.

As a result, the costumer has to pay for all the advertisement. There are many Duromine generics ( e.g. Adipex and lonamin), but their price is extremely different from the price of Duromine. For the high efficiency of obesity treatment, please read the optimal dosage information and its indications that is recommended below.

Indications for Duromine use

Duromine capsules are prescribed to people with Body Mass Index more than 30 for the appetite suppression. The body weight decreasing with the help of Duromine, will let you avoid the increasing of cholesterol level in blood and the rise of arterial pressure. The presence at a patient of a diabetes is not a contraindication to application of capsules Duromine at struggle with the excess weight. Capsules Duromine are also appointed to the patients with Body Mass Index less than 30, when there is a risk of appearance of complications (in a kind of cardiovascular disease and increasing the level of sugar in blood).

In most cases, the weight reduction by taking Duromine is observed in first 12 weeks of use, but in hard cases (in cases of adiposity of 3-4 level), the course of treatment may be increased till 6 months. With a long-term administration of Duromine for obesity treatment, by the end of the therapy is observed a decrease in efficiency – therefore it is necessary to take a break of 3-4 weeks before the next course of treatment. Duromine is also recommended for the treatment of obesity in children and older people.

Why people buy Duromine?

The excess weight problem became usual in the modern society. Fast food, hardworking schedule and the lack of movement cause obesity. Many people know what excess weight or even obesity means. But usually they don’t pay too much attention on the healthy diets and physical exercises. That’s how we used to live today. Despite this sad fact, there are different means for losing weight. Scientists have created some medications and food additives that help to overcome this problem. Judging by Duromine reviews, it is one of popular and effective drugs made especially for losing excess pounds.

Duromine effects over the body

Duromine is an appetite suppressant; it means that this diet medication acts in the brain first of all. What makes us obese? Unhealthy diet (plenty of fatty and calorie food), sedentary lifestyle (work in the office, sitting at home watching TV, lack of sports, etc.), metabolism disorder, genetic predisposition (children are in greater risk of becoming obese if two parents suffer from excess weight). The active ingredient Phentermine (which was FDA approved) controls the appetite feeling inside the human brain. A patient stops feeling hungry within a day and takes only a necessary amount of food. The action is pretty simple:

  • Duromine lowers appetite, person eats less and his body has to burn fat to get the necessary energy.

Every nutritionist recommends to make some exercises during the treatment course with Duromine to achieve the best results. Besides the appetite suppressing features, Duromine inhibits gastric secretion and increases energy consumption. All these features are combined in a single diet drug Duromine. These innovative, safe and effective diet pills are available at online pharmacy. Every obese patient, who really wants to get rid of his problem, can buy Duromine online or in his local drugstore with a prescription. Duromine diet pills act in the central nervous system; therefore it is usually prescribed to obese people when simple diets and trainings don’t work. Pathologically obese people have to take the treatment course which includes Duromine, special diet and exercises.

Every weight loss process requires time and one should be patient when starting the treatment of obesity. There is no such drug in the world, which can make a person slim in couple of days. It is simply impossible. Duromine really fights against excess weight, but you should also be ready for a long-term process.

Dosage for Duromine diet pills

Duromine (Phentermine) is produced in capsules for oral use, which are available in 15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg. These pills are usually taken before breakfast; the initial dose differs, depending on each clinical case. Patient should never increase the dose on his own as it may lead to overdose. If you are prescribed Duromine for long-term treatment of obesity, you can buy Duromine online to avoid unnecessary expenses. Due to convenient pharmaceutical form, namely capsules of Duromnie, patients can easily swallow the capsules with a sufficient amount of water. Besides the active substance, the list of Duromine ingredients includes resin, which helps to slow down the release of the active substance. Such effect allows taking Duromine once a day only, which makes the treatment course easier and safer for the stomach. The initial minimal dose of Duromine is 15 mg. The doctor may recommend using Duromine 30 mg to achieve better results in some patients. Larger framed individuals may be prescribed Duromine 40mg as their initial dose. However, further dose lowering is possible in case severe Duromine side effects manifest.

Possible Duromine side effects

Being a medication on the first place, Duromine can cause some side effects in patients. Duromine may cause insomnia, high blood pressure, nervousness, light headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and upset stomach. Therefore, it is not recommended to take Duromine before going to bed. These side effects are usual but are rarely met in patients. Tell your physician if you have any heart problems, high blood pressure or any other health disorders. He will make some tests, examining you health condition, before prescribing you any treatment. If a patient has noticed any unusual Duromine side effects or body reactions after he started the treatment course, he should always consult a doctor. If the dose was chosen incorrectly, the doctor may adjust your Duromine dosage.

Duromine before and after photos, as well as multiple Duromine reviews prove that it is generally a safe and among the best diet pills out there. Despite this, people should remember that it is a diet medication, and not a slimming supplement. This drug is prescribed for really obese people, whose health is endangered by their excess weight and who fail to lose weight on their own.

What does Duromine look like? Is Duromine speed?

Duromine is produced in capsules. Their color and dosage may vary depending on the manufacturing Company. For example, Duromine 15 mg capsules are half green and half grey color, Duromine 30 mg half red and half grey, and Duromine 40 mg half grey and orange color. Each capsule is marked with the dosage (amount of the active substance) and name of the drug. These doses are adjusted individually and depend on each medical case. It is not recommended to use any other non-prescribed dose. Otherwise, some side effects or complications may arise. You may also find a variety of Duromine generics, and it’s crucial to pay attention to the dose that these contain.

Many people ask ‘is Duromine speed?’ because they get symptoms, which resemble the sensations they get from taking amphetamines. Even though Duromine belongs to the class of substituted amphetamines, it is not speed in the full sense of this word, since its chemical structure differs significantly from that of the amphetamine.

Can men use Duromine to lose weight?

Do you know why men get fat? Or how does male obesity differ from the female one? These questions are quite popular today. The fact is that about 15-20% of male representatives from all the obese patients, suffer from extra pounds. In fact female fat deposits are stored in the buttocks and hips. As for men, their extra fat deposits are stored in the abdominal area, i.e. fat is accumulated inside the abdomen. According to nutritionists this type of obesity is worse for the male health. Increased stomach props the diaphragm, and therefore the heart is in the wrong position inside the body. It lies horizontally instead of lying obliquely. As a result that part of the heart, which is adjacent to the diaphragm (the back myocardial wall), gets insufficient blood supply. Thus, the abdominal type of obesity enhances the risk of heart attack. Besides that, the male fat deposits are tend to be stored in the neck area that provokes snoring and sleep apnea syndrome (stop breathing during sleep).

Why men get fat and need to use Duromine?

The main causes of male obesity are:

  • Overeating
  • Low motor activity.

Modern lifestyle leads to certain changes. Men are no longer the main “hunters”, who have to earn food for living. They tend to use the brains, therefore move less. Thus, the decrease in daily calorie consumption leads to that a man gains extra pounds, even if he gets a normal amount of calories. Plus, the modern business man simply doesn’t have enough time to attend gym or go in for sports. Hormonal imbalance can also provoke obesity: some plant carbohydrates contain female hormones – estrogens (like hop, for example in beer). Some of you have probably noticed that men, who like to drink a lot of beer, eventually become obese.

Duromine: the optimal solution for obese men

Once a man becomes obese, his health state is getting worse day by day. Well, there are different types of men; however most of male representatives do not like diets. Besides, the more pounds you have, the more you want to eat. In this situation only medical specialists can help. Doctors prescribe different medications, special diets and exercises for each case individually. However, most of them consider Duromine a perfect remedy for excess weight. In fact, Duromine truly is effective in men, who suffer from severe form of obesity.

Just a couple of words about the Duromine effects:

  • Duromine acts like an appetite suppressant, therefore it helps to get rid of constant hunger feeling (which is necessary in the primary therapy of obesity).
  • Duromine acts in the brain centers, responsible for satiety and hunger, thus making the losing weight process more natural.
  • Duromine causes no addiction.
  • The unique compound helps to slow down the absorption of the drug, therefore prolongs its effect without harm to the body.
  • Duromine helps to accelerate the splitting of fat deposits.

Although Duromine is the most effective and safe diet pill among the others, both men and women still should combine the drug therapy with exercises and special diet, even if they decide to buy Duromine online and find a low Duromine price offer. Spending less money for the obesity treatment does not mean that you should be less focused and motivated to lose as much weight as possible within these three months.

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