Cellulite, Go Away


A long-awaited trip to the sea is already in 2 weeks, and you do not want to take shorts and short skirts with you because of the horrible “orange peel”? We all know this story. But you still have 2 weeks ahead! Stop dramatizing, and better start acting.

90% of women face the problem of cellulite, regardless of their:

  • physique,
  • age,
  • lifestyle.

We talked to the experts and found out what measures will help you make the unwanted “orange peel” less pronounced within the shortest possible time.

Start eating properly

Of course, you will not be able to get rid of all fat accumulations in just a couple of weeks. Yet it is quite real to make cellulite less pronounced. Follow these recommendations, and you will surely have a good result.

  • Exclude from your diet whole milk and dairy products (at least for a couple of weeks).
  • Forget about products with preservatives, dyes and artificial additives.
  • Add rough fiber to your menu through greens, leafy vegetables, raw root vegetables, berries and fruits of non-sweet varieties.
  • Do a fasting day, for example, on protein (only if you have no kidney problems).
  • Be sure to consume the daily water norm (at a rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight).

Do yoga

Achieving an ideal tight body without sports is almost impossible. And it’s important to do it regularly, and not just when “it’s time”. You are not a fan of gyms and fitness clubs? You still have a wonderful alternative – do yoga!

One of the main reasons for the appearance of the “orange peel” is the fluid retention.

Yoga classes (especially its dynamic directions, like fly-yoga (in hammocks), hatha yoga, vinyasa flow) will help you to quickly:

  • remove the liquid accumulated in the tissues,
  • change the muscular definition,
  • smooth and stretch the muscle tissue.

To get rid of cellulite in the hips, start doing asanas:

  • variations of the warrior poses (Virabhadrasana – 1,2,3),
  • the Eagle (Garudasana),
  • the Chair (Utkatasana),
  • the tree (Vrikshasana).

They are performed in dynamics, alternately, holding each position during 3 breathing cycles (a deep breath in and exhalation).

Special attention in yoga is given to breathing, since deep breathing promotes proper and even muscle stretching and improves blood supply and cell regeneration, resulting in smoothening of the subcutaneous layer.

Very effective “eliminators” of cellulite in the gluteal region are the vinyasas (change of asanas) of the following asanas:

  • Ushtrasana, plank position,
  • Sarvangasana, the well-known bridge,
  • all asanas performed lying on the stomach.

Try machine treatments

One of the most effective, and most importantly, quick ways to get rid of cellulite is machine cosmetology. The following procedures can be distinguished among these that are recommended for those, who need to urgently solve the problem.

  • Wet wraps based on cosmetics with algae. During the procedure, your body is covered with a lotion with algae extracts, which provide an active fat-burning and drainage effect, as well as a strengthening effect over the skin. Then, the body is wrapped tightly and the active cosmetic components “work” for an hour. The treatment finishes with the application of a lifting cream.
  • Another effective method is a machine or vacuum-roller massage. During the treatment, local and general metabolism is accelerated, lymph vessels and capillaries are actively drained. All this indirectly affects the fat burning process and improves the skin quality.
  • If the massage effect on the cellulite area is not possible, try mesotherapy. Cocktails for mesotherapy are usually selected individually, depending on the skin characteristics, yet they most often contain lymphatic drainage and lipolytic components, the action of which is aimed at splitting fats and removing excess fluid from the body.
  • No less effective way to fight cellulite is pressotherapy. In fact, it is the same lymph drainage massage, which is performed with the help of a special machine and a suit that consists of several sections, into which air is successively injected.

Sections can be used individually or all at once. The essence of the procedure is that with the mechanical tissues compression “squeezes” excess liquid out of the body.

Use anti-cellulite products

Yes, we also do not really believe everything that is written on jars with anti-cellulite products. Yet we know for sure that if you use lotion or cream against the “orange peel” in combination with at least one of the above measures, you will see a good result.

Below, you will find a selection of anti-cellulite products, which will certainly help you in your struggle for taut skin.

  • Anti-cellulite serum with caffeine and guarana extract, marapoam and catueba complex, Frais Monde. This serum contains so many active ingredients that cellulite will simply give in. For a maximum effect, apply the product on the skin before going to bed.
  • Anti-cellulite cream Cellulite Control Cream, EGIA Biocare System. The cream is designed to effectively strengthen programs aimed at the reduction of local fat deposits, as well as to improve the condition of the zones affected with cellulite.
  • Concentrated cream for the perfect silhouette “Almond”, L’Occitane. The cream helps you skin to become taut, moisturizes it perfectly well and is quickly absorbed.
  • Nourishing oil Countouring cream from the line Perfect Body, L. RAPHAEL. Oil improves skin tone, makes it more elastic and taut, and also struggles with aging signs.
  • Serum for silhouette correction Minceur Globale, Yves Rocher. Serum will become a true helper in the struggle for a tight body. It stimulates the reduction of fat deposits, provides a drainage effect and strengthens the skin structure.
  • Thermoactive slimming serum “Anticellulite”, Eveline. The serum formula contains argan oil, as well as a unique composition of active ingredients that stimulate the fat burning process and effectively reduce the signs of cellulite.
  • Anti-cellulite body scrub SlimForm, CIEL. Scrub deeply cleanses, exfoliates the skin, improves blood circulation, and speeds up metabolic processes.