Body Flex and Oxycise for Slimming

Is it possible to lose weight without diet or exercises? Everyone is dreaming of it. Body Flex and Oxycise are rumored to be just about it. These breathing techniques promise weight loss just for 15 minutes a day. Let’s find out at how they work.

Body flex and oxycise have appeared in America long ago, and now is spreading worldwide. Therefore too many questions arise.

A secret of both techniques is in a deep, diaphragmatic breathing with a thin, dome-shaped abdominal muscle located between the thoracic and abdominal cavities.

The air you inhale through your nose should go down to your belly.

The muscle moves downward in inhalation, your diaphragm contracts, and during exhalation the diaphragm relaxes and rises (visually your belly rises and falls).

The elasticity of the lungs pushes air out of the lungs and fully ventilate the lungs.

However usually we breathe unconsciously and never control the process.

  • So why the lungs should work in full force?

Firstly, it is useful, and its capacity is one of the most important factors of your health. Secondly, the blood system works better this way, i.e. it delivers more oxygen to tissues and organs.

The combination of different breathing frequencies of different depths with special exercises really helps to burn fat, to get rid of overweight and even to reduce the amount of food consumed. How?

How it works?

It seems to be not very hard in theory.

As it is known, fat cleavage (oxidation) occurs under participation of oxygen. That is why aerobic training makes us burn deposited fat and spend many calories.

  • The more oxygen enters the body, the better fat metabolism.

According to specialists, both techniques (body flex and oxycise) provide an increased flow of oxygen in the blood which with contractions of the specific muscle goes to fat deposition.

  • In the active work (contraction-relaxation) of the diaphragm and other abdominal muscles, the internal organs are stimulated, especially in the digestive system, the stomach.
  • The workout reduced the stomach in volume – so that you are full at dinner with less food than you did before.
  • Also other pleasant changes are observed: the function of the lymphatic system is improved as well as skin condition.
  • You feel good (when oxygen burns fat cells, energy is released, giving cheerfulness).

But do not think that when you find a book, a video or a website describing the method, that well begun is half done.

  • Breathing and this method are too serious for self-learning.

Caution: Contraindications or improper exercises may lead to the opposite effect – to worsening health conditions.

Bodyflex has its pros and cons.

Deep breath is prohibited in certain diseases and conditions such as post-surgery or recent serious injury.