Adipex With Alcohol Side Effects

There is a lack of clinical data on side effects development in reception with alcohol. However, according to the insert, the preparation must not be taken with alcohol to avoid the risk of side effect complications.

Alcohol consumption may have a negative impact on the nature of CNS and cardiovascular reactions. In several researches that involved introductions of methamphetamine (a close to phentermine component in its composition) with alcohol, an increase in heart beat rate was observed in an overwhelming majority of cases with an average 24bpm increase.

This fact leads to a more intensive work of cardio system and increases the consumption of oxygen; the increase was more significant than if it was methamphetamine alone.

Simultaneous administration of alcohol and appetite suppressants like phentermine, must be avoided, especially in the cases where the clinical picture included cardiovascular conditions.

The consumption of alcohol may potentially slow down the processes in CNS and thus Adipex may not work like it is designed to.