Adipex vs Phen375

Making a comprehensive comparison of Fen375 and Adipex is a tough task, taking into account the different origins of the drugs (pharmaceutical and natural one), as well as taking into account the lack of clinical data on Fen375.

Adipex is a branded medication based on phentermine and available in the US by Teva department, Gate Pharmaceuticals. The drug allows you reduce your weight by 3 – 4% according to the clinical trials within a short period of time (4-5 weeks on average); the long-term treatment must not be initiated.

Fen375 consists of natural ingredients and despite marketing labels, it is only produced in FDA-accredited laboratory, and it doesn’t hold FDA registry. Fen375 is designed for the treatment of obesity, aiming at suppressing the appetite – as a result of the use of pills to reduce appetite Fen375 person consumes less food. In addition to an anorexic effect, it facilitates fat burning process.

Fen375 regulates metabolic functions in the body, improves the cyclicality of fat metabolism, increasing the feeling of fullness. The effectiveness of Fen375 can be assessed only after a few days of taking diet pills Fen375 and regular use of medication is reportedly results in losing an average of 5-6lb per week.

Fen375 not only burns excessive fat, but also increases the elasticity and skin tone. However, this information is provided by the official website and intake; there is no clinically confirmed evidence of its effectiveness, neither there is data on conducted clinical trials in the drug.

Fen375 costs $59.99 per 30 pills package at official website, and given the fact that an optimal treatment course implies taking 2 pills daily, you will need 2 packages or $120 per month. That’s a way more expensive option against the background of Adipex and especially generic versions of phentermine, priced at $50 – $60 per branded package for 30 days treatment course and lower.

Still, there’s a bunch of aspects where Fen375 definitely looks like a more attractive option: almost a complete absence of side effects and contraindications and as an ability to purchase it without prescription. Finally, Phen375 can be taken by any person looking to reduce weight, while Adipex is prescribed only to those having a body mass index exceeding 30kg/m2.