Adipex vs Generic

Adipex is brand name of the weight loss management drug produced by Gate Pharmaceuticals, the American branch of Teva Pharmaceuticals. It has been commercially launched at the dawn of 90’s; the preparation is not available over the counter. The branded drugs is manufactured in the form of 37.5mg capsules, consisting of 30mg phentermine each.

As for generic modifications of the drug, we can divide them into 2 groups: the preparations manufactured by well-known generic brands, such as Leading Pharma or Elite Labs, and the drugs produced abroad by local manufacturers. As a rule, all these meds have a similar, almost identical mechanisms of action and, of course, are based on the same active ingredient – phentermine hydrochloride.

This way or the other, bioequivalence may be different in generic drugs, which may result into less effective treatment or increased risks of side effects. The composition of auxiliary components in generic drugs may be different from the one in original drugs, while poor quality generic meds may be insufficiently clean, which increases the risk of adverse reactions. However, these risks are compensated by a lower price, but in case of phentermine, that may not be a good idea, taking into account that the active ingredient was added to FDA registry in 1954.

As indicated at, a comprehensive platform gathering info on meds, the price range for Adipex starts from 2 – $2.20, while the price for generic versions balances between $1.50 – $1.80. As for the generic drugs manufactured by abroad or ‘no name’ companies, their costs starts from $0.50. Their only advantage apart from price is no need in prescription. But is the game worth the candle? Taking into account the short term nature of treatment (4-5 weeks) with the daily 1 pill intakes, you will need, let’s say, 30 pills, which is:

  • The minimum of $60 for a branded Adipex
  • The minimum of $45 for well-known generics
  • The minimum of $15 for less-known generics.

The first two options look more preferable; however, if you are purchasing the drugs from a reliable vendor, the 3rd option may be a totally beneficial one.