Adipex vs Fastin

Phentermine represents a group of inhibitors and helps people looking to lose weight or those suffering from obesity deal with the problem quickly and effectively. In the  recent past Fastin used to be referred to the same category, weight loss management; however, it is no longer largely available to the general public.

Both preparations were based on the identical substance, phentermine, but Fastin was discontinued in 1998. The drug has gained popularity due to its noteworthy effect and the brand name was probably too good to sink into the oblivion, and 10 years later the preparation has made a comeback, although its formulation was different.


The drug is based on phentermine hydrochloride and is marketed by the US division of Teva Pharmaceuticals. The drug is manufactured in 37.5mg capsules for oral administration and according to clinical trials helps to achieve a 3 – 4% weight loss result within a short period (the drug itself is designed for short-term use only). The primary action of the drug lies in suppressing appetite, plus it helps you to burn fat more effectively. Achieving the desired results is possible only with lifestyle changes: reconsidering a diet plan, adding exercising, getting rid of bad habits and etc.

Phentermine-based Fastin

The drug marketed by Smith Kline Beecham was originally based on phentermine. However, in 1998 FDA has revoked the license and the preparation was taken off the shelves. There’s a point of view that Fastin was pulled off mainly due to the bad press on Fen-Phen, another pharmaceutical removed from the market by FDA because of its adverse reactions on the body.

Non-phentermine Fastin

Almost 10 years after the drug was removed from the market, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has acquired the brand name and announced the new weight loss management drug that will no longer have phentermine in its composition. The drug was released in January, 2008, available to the general public over the counter. The novelty is based on phenylethylamine and referred to herbal stimulants category. The brand-new drug also contained caffeine and a range of auxiliary components that according to the manufacturer promote the weight loss process.