Adipex vs Contrave

In December 2010, the US FDA has registered another drug – Contrave, designed to combat obesity and control body weight. Contrave was the first drug registered in the last 10 years having a weight loss indication.

Unlike a number of drugs that have previously created to combat obesity either have not made it to the stage of registration, or have been removed from the market due to safety concerns. Contrave is a combination drug containing the antidepressant bupropion (oftentimes used in smoking cessation) and naltrexone (an opioid receptor antagonist that is frequently used in alcoholism treatment). The clinical trials have demonstrated a distinct, but mild enough (about 5%) drug effect on body weight.

None of these studies has revealed significant side effects, although keep in mind that bupropion is increases the risk of suicidal thoughts. FDA and the manufacturer of bupropion (Orexigen) agreed that there is a need for a larger study to assess its impact on the likelihood of cardiovascular complications. The price for a monthly course of treatment starts from $140 (data from Vons Pharmacy in California; December, 2015).

As for Adipex, the drug has appeared on the market in 1990. The drug is based on phentermine and currently manufactured by Gate Pharmaceuticals, the department of Teva. The drug helps you to suppress your appetite and helps you burn fat more effectively. Unlike its rival, the preparation is prescribed for short term treatment, not exceeding 5 weeks on average (the maximum treatment duration must not exceed 12 weeks).

The preparation helps to reduce weight by 3 – 4% according to the clinical trials; however, the optimal results can be achieved only with the inclusion of regular exercising, healthy diet and getting rid of bad habits. Adipex costs almost 2.5 times cheaper in calculation for 30 days use – the 30 pills package will cost you around $50 – $60. The preparation has a shorter list of adverse reactions, although each drug has a number of side effects applicable to particular active substance. According to, Contrave is rated 7.1/10 according to 558 reviews, while the current rating of Adipex is 9.1/10.