Adipex vs Bontril

Bontril is designed to control appetite and has a structural similarity to its parent compound – amphetamine. It does not produce significant by-sympathomimetic effect on the cardiovascular system, and just like Adipex the drug is used as a short-term supplement to diet and exercise for the treatment of obesity.

Bontril is based on phendimetrazine, it was first mentioned in FDA records in 1981.

Adipex is a phentermine-based drug and a clinically confirmed appetite suppressant. Apart from its primary scope of action it drives your performance and helps to burn fat more effectively. Just like Bontril, the drug is prescribed for short-term use only, the average treatment course does not exceed 4 – 5 weeks period (exceeding the 12 weeks treatment period is contraindicated).

As for the effectiveness of Adipex, in randomized clinical studies a 3 – 4% weight reduction was achieved in conjunction with diet changes and exercising. Bontril is primarily used in combinative treatment, and according to its clinical trials it provides up to 10% within 2-3 months use. The daily dosage of Bontril must not exceed 2 tablets per day, while a single pill of Bontril daily is an average prescribed dosage.

The price for 30 days treatment with Bontril starts from $140. In Adipex treatment 1 pill taken daily is the dosage prescribed in an overwhelming number of cases. A month of treatment with Adipex will cost you around $60. According to pills effectiveness reviews by registered users, Bontril is rated 8.1 out of 10, while Adipex has managed to score 9.1/10.