Adipex vs Belviq

Belviq, based on lorcaserin active substance, is a brand-new medication for weight loss management, registered in the US and approved by FDA for sales by prescription. In the US the drug is marketed by Arena Pharmaceuticals.

The preparation is assigned to those looking to get rid of a few extra kilos, and cases where obesity represents serious problems in clinical picture. Interestingly, the first time application was rejected by FDA, the second one resulted in an approval with the mandatory indication of a range of side effects (e.g., depression, short memory loss, migraines, the possibility of formation of arterial hypertension and other negative effects on the cardiovascular system).

The drugs mechanism of action relies on the following principles: it stimulates serotonin receptors in the brain, which causes a feeling of fullness shortly after a slight amount of ingested food. The drug blunts hunger, so a person can control his or her appetite. The drug is prescribed only in those cases where a body mass index equals 30kg/m2 and more. In clinical trials conducted throughout the year a decrease in body mass of 5.6% was achieved on average.

Adipex is based on phentermine, the time-tested substance added to FDA registry in 1954. The drug’s pharmacological action aims at suppressing appetite, plus it helps you burn fat faster. Perhaps, the main downside against the background of Belviq is that the treatment with phentermine requires changing your lifestyle – to get the desired results you must reconsider your diet plan, give up smoking and reduce alcohol consumption to minimum and add regular exercising.

According to clinical studies, the drug provides 3 – 4% weight reduction within an average of 4 – 5 weeks. The range of side effects is shorter than the one in Belviq, although each medication has a number of higher and lower frequency adverse reactions typical for the particular drug only. Adipex seems to be a better choice from financial standpoint: the price for a branded pill starts from $2.20, while a pill of Belviq will cost you the minimum $4.01 according to