Adipex vs Adderall

Adipex is designed for weight loss management purposes, and despite the fact Adderall is also used in weight loss, it was initially created for different purposes – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. The preparations are based on different active substances: phentermine is the active ingredient in Adipex, while Adderall is based on amphetamine and dextroamphetamine.

The mechanisms of action in weight loss are similar in both drugs, although Adderall has a more broad scope of action, which is manifested in cognitive improvements due to dopamine increase. Therefore, as long as you consume the drug the production of dopamine increases, stimulating you to pursue your goals regardless of the consequences, driving your motivation and increasing your energy to cope with both physiological and psychological challenges. Unlike in Adipex, the reception of Adderall doesn’t necessarily imply changes in lifestyle, changing your food consumption behaviour is only a recommendation.

The effect of Adipex is largely based on appetite suppressing and the drug is designed only for those people with body max index more than 30kg/m2. The preparation based on the substance having amphetamine as parent compound drives your energy and performance, but the impact is way less noteworthy against the background of Adderall. In a 4 week clinical trial of Adderall the participants have managed to lose an average o 9.4% of weight (and the fact is considered to be a side effect of ADHD treatment), while Adipex within short-term treatment courses (3 – 5 weeks) can help you lose 3 – 4% of weight according to the clinical trials.

As for the pricing, Adipex outperforms Adderall – the preparation costs around $59 for a 30 days treatment, while 30 pills of Adderall will cost you around $145 at Walmart. Adderall is less likely to cause adverse reactions. Despite the fact the preparations are designed to combat different issues, Adderall is rated 7.8 among users, while Adipex has 9.1 feedback points out of 10.