Adipex-P For Weight Loss

Weight loss has never been easier, Adipex-P® comes to the rescue

Take advantage of an extremely effective preparation to deal with extra pounds safely and easily.

Adipex-P®, based on phentermine hydrochloride, the active ingredient that was first mentioned in FDA records in 1954, is your powerful ally in a struggle against obesity. Gate Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer, has conducted a wide range of clinical trials that confirmed the comprehensive effect of the drug in weight reduction (on the local US the drug by Israeli TEVA Industries).

The preparation has been marketed since 1990 – 26 years passed after a commercial launch didn’t displace Adipex-P® from leadership positions in weight loss niche. By now over 59 million of prescriptions have been issued, and according to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, the drug stands out from the crowd with the most affordable price (based on 30 days supply calculations).

According to the World Gastroenterology Organization, the following facts are confirmed :

  • A series of randomised trials revealed that the use of phentermine contributes to at least 3.4% decline in weight against the background of placebo.
  • Representing the group of adrenergic stimulants, the drug enhances norepinephrine release in certain areas of the brain, which leads to a decrease in food consumption.
  • The preparation is designed for short-term use (up to several weeks), so you don’t have to undergo long-term treatment to press for the desired results.

A gentle correction of your food consumption behaviour

When you are hungry, a flow of impulses emerges and reaches the brain center. The action of the active ingredient lies in interception and blockage of these impulses.

Therefore, the impulses don’t make it through to the brain center, and your hunger becomes way more moderate and controllable, while the consumption of foods in general decreases.

However, to maintain the vitality you need energy, the lion’s share of which is extracted from the meals. This is where the body starts to produce the accumulated fats and you lose weight quickly.

With Adipex-P® you can control your hunger and eat rationally in strict accordance with your schedule.

Unlike other preparations, focusing on the rapid loss of fluid from the body which results into double weight gaining once the treatment is over, Adipex-P® modifies your food consumption behaviour, demonstrating spectacular results in the long run.

An adrenergic stimulant (amphetamine is included in this group), the medication boosts your energy, that’s why it is strongly recommended to increase physical activities during the course of treatment.

By increasing the physical load the chances to press for a more noteworthy weight reduction are higher.

Laser elimination of extra pounds

Adipex-P® combats obesity from every angle – arm yourself with a time-tested solution to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Burn fat effectively

Stimulate the process of fat burning by enhancing metabolism and thermogenic rates in your body to press for a figure of your dreams.

Suppress fat production

Adipex-P® features an active substance that prevents your body from producing more fat and preventing fat accumulations.

Control your appetite easily

A cutting-edge pharmaceutical effect allows you curb your hunger and stick to your own schedule with no emotional or physiological stress.

Drive your energy

Fuel up your body with a power of Adipex-P® to increase your performance and achieve even greater weight reduction.

Enjoy a better mood

Cutting down the amount of daily calories with conventional diets can make you feel irritated and even angry.

And this is where Adipex-P® comes in handy, positively affecting your mood.

Indications for use

According to the intake, the medication is appointed to treat obesity and maintain body weight only as a part of complex therapy, involving lifestyle changes, including dietary restrictions and/or physical activity.

The time frame for treatment course is limited up to 4 weeks (2-3 weeks on average). The drug is indicated for patients with the following body mass index indicators (BMI = body weight in kg/(height in m) 2):

  • for patients without concomitant diseases – a BMI of at least 30 kg/m2
  • for patients with risk factors – a BMI of at least 27 kg/m2

The aforementioned BMI marks mean that the preparation is not designed for everyone, but only in cases where diets and an increase in physical activities failed to produce the desired results.

Consult your doctor prior to initiating the drug course (in the US the drug is available by prescription only).

How to take the drug: dosage and administration

Adipex-P® is manufactured in 37.5mg capsules; the dosage regimen should be determined by the doctor. As a rule, the drug is taken once or twice a day, before meals during the morning hours or on an empty stomach.

Each dose should be taken with a full glass of water. Do not take the drug at bedtime to avoid the risk of insomnia. There’s no need to crush, chew or split capsules – take and swallow a capsule whole.

Do not increase the dosage of preparation on your own to avoid adverse reactions.

What people say about Adipex-P®

According to various sources, over 60 million of prescriptions for phentermine-based medications have been issued since the commercial use of the active ingredient.

Since then millions of people have managed to get rid of the extra pounds. And this is what customers say about Adipex-P® in 2016.

Marta Gilles, 45 years old, Rochester

Frankly speaking, I didn’t think the results are going to be that impressive. I’ve managed to lose 7 pounds in just 2 weeks, but what is even more important, I’m really happy with how it is going – the chances in my life are so exciting, largely thanks to Adipex.

Helen Jefferson, 54 years old, NYC

My diet plan was doomed to failure after the very first day – I was starving to death. With Adipex things are completely different – you just lose weight and enjoy it. Highly recommended!

Brian Fowler, 38 years old, Seattle

The last 5 years of tough office work have made their trick – I’ve gained another 10 pounds… but now everything is changing with Adipex – it helps me to get back to normality in a gentle, stress-free way. I’ve lost 4 pounds in the first week already and looking for more.