Adipex How To Get a Prescription

In the US the drug is available by prescription only, although sometimes getting the required document is not an easy task. For this or that reason doctors are not willing to prescribe not just phentermine-based preparations, but pharmaceuticals in general. The problems may start when your body mass is exceeding 30kg/m2 mass only slightly, and become very obvious in case of borderline values lower than that in the indication. The first and, perhaps, the easiest path is considering the online offers – this is where providing a prescription is not mandatory (as a rule – not needed). This way or the other, finding an original Adipex online is a tough mission, and the option of a generic drugs may not be suitable. In this article we’ll consider the approaches that may work in getting a prescription from your treating physician.

If your doctor refuses to prescribe the medications and offers alternative solutions, try to convince him or her by presenting the facts: calculate your body mass index before the visit, emphasize the fact that physical exercising and diet adjustments cause unbearable stress and physical discomfort. Don’t speak general words – do some research prior to your visit: measure your blood pressure, describe the symptoms in details and indicate the timing. Underline the fact that the issues have a recurring nature.

If your doctor insists on weight loss tactics with natural preparations (as a rule, herbal preparations are going to be offered), gather some statistics on the clinical use of such remedies. Thus,  an overwhelming majority of herbal drugs provide an accumulative effect, and certain weight loss results can be achieved in no less than 6 – 12 months. Furthermore, these medications, as a rule, are rarely clinically tested and never undergo FDA approval.

Therefore, there may be no evidence that this or that drug is effective in weight loss management. However, your goal is not to outsmart the doctor, but show your understanding of the issue; keep in mind that one of the most frequent reasons for a prescription rejection is the burning desire to give the drug a try with no reasoning.

While people at forum recommend various tactics: from asking a friend with similar weight problems to get the desired prescription to providing data on randomized clinical trials, we are quite sure it can be avoided with a well thought-out reasoning and rough facts on your end.