Adipex Application

Before Adipex use, you should consult the doctor. It is a standard procedure to receive all recommendations on the drug use and the treatment course.

Only the doctor can examine you and indicate you a correct prescription and a right dosage to use the drug. You can buy and take Adipex without prescription, however it doesn’t guarantee effective treatment.

Adipex Dosage is indicated for each patient individually and depends on indications.

An average recommended drug dose is 37.5mg – 1 tablet. 37.5mg Adipex is an optimal and safe dose for a patient. It is digested quickly in an organism and starts working.

Adipex is indicated for 3-4 weeks after which you significantly improve your health and will get rid of overweight. Adipex is taken in the morning before breakfast, or instead of it because it provides the best effect.

Throughout the whole day a person doesn’t want to eat.