Adipex 37.5 Against Obesity

Adipex 37.5 is an effective tool in fight against obesity. It is prescribed for short-term treatment in conjunction with changes in lifestyle and meals consumption habits – you can press for amazing weight loss results as long as you stick to these recommendations. The preparation burns fat and gives the desired confidence and energy boost to achieve better results.

The drug is based on an active substance that has over 50 years history – phentermine hydrochloride has been added to the list of FDA approved drugs in 1954 as a weight loss pill (in Australia the drug is classified as appetite suppressant). The branded drug Adipex 37.5 was presented in the market in 1990, and since then it holds the leading positions among weight loss management solutions based on phentermine.

According to numerous clinical trials conducted since 50’s, it was clinically confirmed that the preparation can provide at least 3.4% weight loss in combination with regular physical loads and healthy diet. Unlike other preparations combating obesity,

Adipex 37.5 is designed to be taken for short period of times, typically not exceeding several weeks, so Adipex treatment won’t be too pricey, even in the long run.

The unparalleled action of the drug lies in its complex, comprehensive action on your body, and the drug:

  • burns fat
  • prevents your body from producing and accumulating fat
  • helps you to control your hunger
  • improves your performance
  • boosts your mood

The nature of the magnificent effect revealed

Adipex 37.5 active substance works similarly to its parental compound – amphetamine; it’s scope of action is aimed at an interception of neural signals the brain center is excited with when you are hungry. The blockage is achieved due to norepinephrine release; as a result the feeling of hunger gets suppressed and the preparation enables you to control it with the minimum efforts. As soon as the feeling of hunger becomes less acute, which is achieved with the first several intakes, the changes to your lifestyle and diet are needed to be introduced to achieve the maximum results. You should stick to a diet and keep supplying the essential energy to your body so it can maintain the normal functioning of the entire organism. Another distinctive feature of the drug is the facilitation of noradrenaline and adrenaline release, which contributes to effective breaking of fat cells – in conjunction with regular exercising you take advantage of fat burning method at its best. Finally, the preparation helps you to cope with psychological load associated with the drastic changes to the pace of life you’ve got accustomed to – it provides a tangible boost in energy and helps you to stay psychologically fit.

Striking at the core reasons of obesity

The impressive results in obesity treatment are guaranteed due to a complex action of the medicine, targeting the issue from every angle. The drug leaves a better part of weight loss rivals in dust with the following features:

  • The results are guaranteed – if you take the pills and change your lifestyle for the better, you can count on up to 5% of weight loss with the very first weeks of treatment.
  • An average treatment course lasts for as little as a couple of weeks – you don’t have to spend hundreds thousands of dollars for 6+ months of treatment.
  • The preparation provides a smooth, gentle effect on your body – it doesn’t drain liquids like dozens of solutions do (which ends with rapid weight gaining upon the treatment cessation) and helps you lose weight in a way more natural way.
  • An unparalleled control of your hunger is something you will definitely appreciate – no more starving and stress, eat healthy and lose weight with almost no risks to your health.
  • The drug has a relatively short list of contraindications and adverse reactions – it’s a safe, time-tested solution against the background of modern, synthesized pharmaceuticals.

Indications for use

Consult your doctor before you start taking Adipex 37.5 – the medication is available by prescription only, and despite the fact you can purchase it over the counter at online drugstores, self-medicating can be dangerous and result in disastrous consequences (there was a number of lethal cases registered in overdose). The average daily dosage, as a rule, doesn’t exceed one capsule (or 37.5mg); it is recommended to be taking in the morning. The absorption is not influenced by food intakes, so you can take the pill with foods or on empty stomach.

The medication is not used in every person, but only in those cases where obesity poses clinical risks for a patient’s health. The drug is appointed to those having a 30kg/m2 BMI level and higher. The exceptions are allowed in those patients diagnosed significant cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.), endocrine diseases (e.g. diabetes), renal impairment and other conditions, etc.

Taking the medication in the evening and at bedtime should be avoided to eliminate the risk of insomnia. Take the drug with plenty of water without chewing, crushing and splitting the capsule and do not increase the dosage without a prior consultation with your doctor.

What real customers think about Adipex 37.5

Adipex 37.5 has been approved for commercial sales by FDA almost 26 years ago – the drug has proven its impressive weight loss capabilities in numerous clinical trials and therapeutical practice. However, one of the main factors of successfulness of the drug is the customer satisfaction rating. According to 359 reviews at the preparation is rated 9.1 out of 10. Now let’s have a look at what real customers say.

Jessica Briere, 47 years old, Chicago

Adipex leaves simply nothing to be desired – a perfect medication that guarantees RESULTS and acts smoothly. I’ve managed to lose 10 pounds in just a month!

Matthew Thomasson, 50 years old, Washington

Well, frankly speaking, Adipex is not a silver bullet to your obesity problems. However, it gives you the desired confidence boost – you can change if you want it badly and ready to put an end to overeating and fast food.

Patricia Davis, 38 years old, Seattle

I’ve lost 11 pounds during the first course of treatment that lasted for 5 weeks. But what is even more important, the hunger doesn’t terrorize you, with Adipex you can deal with it quite easily. Yes, I definitely recommend it.