Acomplia is an anti-obesity drug, which was developed as an adjunct for a short-termed weight loss program, which implies observing a diet and increasing the level of daily activity. The active substance of this medicine is Rimonabant, a Cannabinoid-1 receptor blocker. This medication became the first receptor blocker meant for people with a mass index over 30, or obese people. Acomplia tablets were used in patients with possible risk diseases, like diabetes type 2 or dyslipidemia. Its basic function is to suppress appetite.

Advantages of Acomplia (Rimonabant) uses

Just like other diet pills, Acomplia acts in the certain brain area blocking receptors responsible for the feeling of hunger. Therefore, Acomplia (Rimonabant) influences body weight and metabolism process. The new and pleasant fact of Rimonabant mechanism of action is that it’s the first drug, which prevents weight regain. According to clinical trials, more than 30% of people, who took Acomplia 20mg, managed to lose about 10% of their weight. As a matter of fact, their body weight remained unchangeable within two years. This drug became a true innovation because no other slimming medication could achieve the same results.

Many people think that they need to torture themselves by exhausting trainings and long-term starvation to lose weight. Well, it’s true in a way. But as a rule, mental and physical state is significantly worsened after a week of diets and trainings. Moreover, as soon as person returns to his usual daily schedule and common nutrition, his body starts accumulating fat again, and excess pounds come back.

A reasonable question arises. How can a person lose weight without gaining fat after a diet? Losing weight fast and painless for the mental health is real, judging from Acomplia reviews! If your attempts to lose weight fail and you don’t have the willpower to observe a healthy diet, the use of Acomplia tablet will get you rid of extra pounds within a couple of months.

  • Person, who uses Acomplia, stops overeating and stuffing his body with large amounts of fatty and sweet foods.
  • Acomplia helps to change the daily food intake and observe a diet.
  • You won’t have to count the calories and will be able to control your appetite, while taking Acomplia every day.
  • After three months of Acomplia use, you’ll make a tangible step towards your goal. You’ll gain confidence and lose excess weight.

Generally speaking, Acomplia made a good showing in patients who were taking this drug while sticking to adequate physical activity and low-calorie diet. In addition, Acomplia (Rimonabant) mechanism of action is actually able to help to reduce nicotine cravings. At the same time, Acomplia reviews show that this medication manages not only your body weight, but also the level of blood sugar (glucose) and mental state.

How does Acomplia help to get rid of extra weight?

  • Acomplia acts by selectively blocking CB1 receptors found in the brain and in peripheral organs important in glucose and lipid (or fat) metabolism, including adipose tissue, the liver, gastrointestinal tract and muscle.
  • Acomplia switches off the same brain circuits that make people hungry when they smoke cannabis.
  • CB1 receptor blockade with Acomplia acts to decrease the overactivity of the endocannabinoid system (EC system). The EC system is a recently characterized physiological system that includes receptors such as the CB1 receptor and it has been shown to play an important role in regulating body weight and in controlling energy balance, as well as glucose and lipid (or fat) metabolism.

In simple words, Acomplia tablet contains an active substance Rimonabant, which affects the specific brain areas, responsible for the feeling of hunger. Rimonabant mechanism of action helps reduce appetite on the physical level, letting people exclude excess intake of fatty and sweet products in an easy manner. People lose their desire to eat within just 30-40 minutes after the intake of Acomplia 20mg, even if they were extremely hungry before the drug ingestion.

Acomplia reviews tell new users of these slimming pills that they help to cope with psychological addiction of overeating, which might be the main cause of overeating and subsequent obesity. This medicine allows controlling the appetite, hunger and satiety. If you feel pathological hunger and refusal of food consumption causes stress, you can buy Acomplia online or at your local drugstore, and it will suppress your hunger, especially the one that manifests between the main meals.

Who is contraindicated to use Acomplia diet drug?

  • Women during pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Children under the age of 18;
  • Patients with acute renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Before you buy Acomplia online, better consult with a doctor or pharmacist to make sure that any other medications that you are using at the moment will not create unfavorable interactions with this weight loss drug.

What are possible Acomplia side effects?

At the beginning of the treatment course for obesity with Acomplia tablet, patients may experience:

  • slight headache,
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • insomnia.

These Acomplia side effects are considered usual and reasonable. It means that Acomplia tablet does work, and the body responses to the weight changing. However, some undesirable side effects are also possible. They are mild and usually pass within shortest time. Anyway, if you have any side effects, you should inform the doctor, so he could select another Acomplia dosage for you. Keep in mind that rare Acomplia (Rimonabant) side effects are upset stomach and diarrhea. As a rule, unpleasant response to this medication manifests in a mild manner and does not require immediate cancellation of the treatment course.

Who is prescribed Acomplia?

Acomplia is prescribed for the treatment and prophylaxis of obesity to patients over 18 years of age, including patients with type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia. People, who decided to take Acomplia as an effective weight loss tool, should consult their physician before they buy Acomplia online and take the first tablet.

They should tell their doctor if they have such health conditions, like:

  • depressive disorders (if one takes anti-depressants);
  • any other mental disorders;
  • hepatic or renal impairment;
  • intolerance to lactose.

Acomplia pharmaceutical form

Acomplia is produced in the form of tablets for oral intake.

  • Acomplia tablets 5 mg (Rimonabant 5 mg)
  • Acomplia tablets 10 mg (Rimonabant 10 mg)
  • Acomplia tablets 20 mg (Rimonabant 20 mg)
  • Acomplia tablets 50 mg (Rimonabant 50 mg)

Acomplia dosage and mode of application

Patients should combine the use of Acomplia pills with balanced diet nutrition and easy exercises.

  • It is recommended to take 1 pill of Acomplia 20 mg once daily before breakfast taking it with water, juice or any other low calorie drinks and still water.
  • If patient needs to strengthen the therapeutic effect, daily dose of Acomplia may be increased.
  • Acomplia daily dose can be upped in case of complete lack of severe side effects.
  • The highest daily dose of Acomplia is 50 mg.
  • Increase in the daily Acomplia dose of 50 mg lifts the risk of allergic reaction development by ten times. It can be caused by an overdose with the active substance Rimonabant.

Sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, helpful microelements and moderate physical activity allow fastening the process of fat burning and normal body mass restoring.

What is Generic Acomplia?

Acomplia generics are medications, which contain the same active ingredient, i.e. Rimonabant. The amount of Rimonabant, found in generic Acomplia is exactly the same as it is in the brand Acomplia. Only this fact already speaks for the equivalence of generic Acomplia to brand Acomplia. The active component Rimonabant is produced by several pharmaceutical companies in different countries of the world.

Pharmacological analogues of Acomplia are:

  • Bethin,
  • Rimonabant ,
  • Monaslim,
  • Generic Rimonabant,
  • Remonabent,
  • Generic Acomplia,
  • Riobant Slimona,
  • Rimoslim,
  • Zimulti.

Advantages of Acomplia diet pills

When a person starts dieting and limits his food intake, it becomes hard to control the emotions and deter aggression. This is a natural reaction of the body, because we violate its usual food intake, and try to get it used to healthy food. Acomplia pills are meant to relieve the person from painful hunger and cravings for sweet products. This weight loss drug helps to abstain from overeating, without experiencing an emotional stress. It is a very important process during the period of struggle with excess weight and changing the eating habits.

Energy balance will start to restore in the body within only three month of regular Acomplia administration. According to Acomplia reviews, people feel the surge of energy and a relief from constant desire to eat something. Changing eating behavior is so much easier with the help of this appetite suppressant, so slimmer should do their best to get used to healthy eating style.

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