20 Tricks That Help Lose Weight

On the road to slenderness, a huge amount of temptations and difficulties wait for us.

Some of the problems we create ourselves, sometimes we our friends and acquaintances help us create them – not on purpose, of course.

  • Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls.

If you’re going to implement at least part of the tips, weight loss is inevitable.

1-Be a realist, set achievable goals and specific deadlines

Start with a visit to a dietitian.

He will help you determine your ideal weight, talk about a suitable diet and advise the optimum load. Focus on weight loss results that you really can achieve. Give up the illusions.

2-Keep a diary of food intake

Note in detail everything that you put in your mouth.

This is a good way to keep track of your normal serving size and honestly answer the question, what you actually eat.

In addition, if you notice that your success this week is not so significant as in the past, you can easily determine what went wrong.

3-Have a shopping list when you go shopping

Clever marketers do everything they can to make you put more products into the basket.

  • Prove that you are capable of resisting the colorful packages.

Control yourself and do not depart from the route of salvation: visit the vegetables department, meat, fish, milk, buy porridge, cereals, dried fruits – and no frills!

4-Drink water as often and as much as possible

  • Firstly, it reduces the feeling of hunger immediately.
  • Secondly, it removes toxins from your body.

The optimum amount of liquid required for you per day is about two liters. Drink more in hot weather or during intense workouts.

  • If you are running, like a squirrel in a wheel, the entire working day, stock healthy food in advance.

Instead a heavy sausage-sandwich snack with coffee from a coffee machine try eating, for example, dried fruit and nuts – you can easily place them in the drawer of your desk. If your office has a fridge, eat fruit, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs you cooked at home.

5-Place products correctly

When you’re hungry, you eat most often the first thing that catches your eye. For example, cookies lying at hand instead of fruits and vegetables that are put away. If you live alone or if your family doesn’t mind, try to completely get rid of high-calorie temptations, and ask your work colleagues to hide away “annoying stuff”.

6-Seek support

Some manage to fight excess weight on their own, yet it is easier and more comfortable to do it in the company.

You do not have to join some local slimming organization. But it’s quite possible that some of your friends or relatives are also concerned with their weight.

  • You may also find it useful to visit websites with free online help or communication with “friends in misfortune” on specialized forums.

7-Document stages of your success

Make written “tick marks” on the way to your weight loss goal.

Recording the results will increase your motivation and help maintain interest.

Total all the pluses and minuses at the end of each week:

  • Note the info about the kilos lost,
  • Describe your health condition,
  • Develop a plan for things to focus on in the near future,
  • Describes specific recipes that help you get closer to success.

8-Change the cooking process

Maybe your favorite recipes need a little adjustment?

For example, many of the dishes will not lose in taste, if you use turkey or chicken instead of beef or pork mince.

Cheese is something you can’t live without? Give preference to low-fat varieties. In general, help your body get used to soups, stews and vegetable salads, steamed cauliflower and zucchini.

9-Do not try to lose in one swoop all body fat that you accumulated over many years

It is impossible and would only undermine your faith in yourself.

On the contrary, pass the road to success in small steps: for example, set yourself on losing 3-5 kilos for a start.

  • When you achieve this result, aim once again on getting rid of a small weight.

Thus, your weight loss process will go a lot easier and more positive.

10-Be more active during the day

Already working out? It’s cool and useful, yet if you also slightly accelerate your pace of life, you will be able to burn calories instantly, and you won’t have time for snacking out of boredom.

  • Is your hand automatically reaching out in search of chips?

Better do the dishes! Watching a movie? At least during commercials, get up, warm up, wander around the room, walk a couple of laps around the couch.

Learn how to determine “by eye” the amount of food your body needs.

  • a standard serving of fruit should not exceed the size of a tennis ball
  • a serving of vegetables, half with boiled rice or pasta, should fit in a bulb of a large pear-shaped incandescent lamp.
  • a deck of cards has the size of about one hundred grams of meat.
  • a piece of cheese with the same weight has the size of two large batteries.

11-Politely decline gifts

For example, a colleague in the office in her innocence and from the bottom of her heart presents you a whole pile of homemade cookies, knowing that you’re crazy about these.

Thank her.

  • If you want it badly or if she doesn’t back off – take one cookie.

The rest give to neighbors or secretly feed the homeless dogs, or – an extreme measure – throw it in the trash.

12-Know when to say “Enough!”

From the moment when the stomach is satiated and signaled to the brain, it takes about 20 minutes to receive this signal.

Eat slowly and chew food for a long time, often put the fork aside and listen to what your body tells you.

This will help you avoid overeating.

13-When ordering a meal in a restaurant or cafe, ask about serving size

In many foodservice outlets, standard servings are on average twice as much of what an average person actually can eat at once.

There are two ways out of this situation:

14-Share such a set lunch with a friend

15-Ask the waiter to wrap up half of the ordered “to go”

16-If you slip, succumb to the temptation,

and feverishly eat your stress up with tremendous amount of high-calorie food, simultaneously engaging in self-flagellation, and hanging the label of a failure on yourself, just let yourself relax.

Gluttony is similar to alcohol intoxication. Yes, you will have a heavy hangover with remorse.

But after that, everything’s in your hands:

  • either aggravate the situation and keep gaining 50 kilos a week
    or consider the incident a misunderstanding, a small sign of weakness and “getting stronger in battle”, go to your goal with your head held high in a more confident and insistent manner.

17-“Burn the bridges”

Or rather, your dimensionless outfits of “moo moo” format.

  • You must get rid of the old wardrobe urgently after you achieve your weight loss goal. Not a single step back! No regrets! No worries and pity!

Old clothes “attract kilos” on a psychological level.

Mark this well: if you put this on, you will turn into a pumpkin at midnight! Give it to the poor, take it to utility waste, cut into dusters, or burn in campfire!

18-Create a new image

To consolidate the positive changes in your appearance, experiment with make-up and hairstyle.

Your size got smaller? Pick clothes that emphasize your curves and waist.

Clothing and makeup will help you take a fresh look at yourself and tune in to the future victory over obesity.

19-Do not stop working on yourself when you reach the desired weight loss result

Weight management – is not the result, it’s a process. Your next task is even more important: not to lose the achievements. Therefore, if the numbers on the scales “went up” get back to your proven friend – the diary, in which you were recording all your “ups and downs”.

It will tell you what to do, what you should get rid of, will remind you of important things and give food for meditation. And you will fill it with “new knowledge” and share your future victories.

20-Sometimes you need to act like Greek sages and “carry all your stuff with you”

For example, to friendly gatherings or spontaneous meetings. You shouldn’t rely on the tastes of the hosts. It is better, if you bring something healthy, low-fat and dietetic, self-made, so you can have a snack and treat the others.

  • Finally, accustom yourself to accept compliments sincerely and with dignity.

You deserve this.

  • If someone exclaims “Wow! You look great”, don’t try to make him change his mind, saying that you have to lose at least another 20 extra kilos…

Smile and humbly reply “Thank you”. And think to yourself “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” and imaginatively set straight the crown in your head…