10 Tricks That Will Allow You to Eat Correctly Without Torturing Yourself

eat correctly

When you are entangled in a variety of weight loss diets, it’s time to exhale and stop rushing from one diet to another. And that’s how you can do it.

Over the past 70 years, mankind invented a huge variety of weight loss diets, and every second diet contradicts every third diet. The chaotic knowledge on what you can and cannot eat can make you dizzy.

Dietitian and professor of psychology, food expert Jane Ogden suggests simple rules that bring the denominator under all myths and the truth about food.

Hunger is not a reason to snack

Do not panic if you feel hunger between meals. A constant feeling of satiety means that you overeat. Light hunger is normal. If you are not dizzy and you are not weakened by lowering blood sugar, do not rush at snacks. Do not eat when you are bored.

The rule of three minutes

Our brain is easy to deceive. And it deceives us, when confusing boredom with hunger. If, during the urge of hunger, you get involved in an exciting activity for three minutes, even playing Tetris (a real experiment), you will find that you did not feel like eating in most cases.

Use this trick and eat only when the hunger is real and you can not simply get distracted with something else.

Effect of expected sorrow

A clear idea of ​​how you feel when you overeat can keep you away from an extra piece of cake.

Think of it:

  • heaviness in the stomach,
  • drowsiness,
  • in the long run – excess weight.

Calmly, without a sense of guilt, imagine it. Oh, looks like I did not really want it. This method really works.

When you have a meal – eat

Do not watch TV and do not read the news in social networks. This will help you to eat less, while enjoying the taste in a thoughtful way.

According to experiments, inattentive eating, during which you are distracted, leads to the fact that of all the dishes on the table you choose:

  • the most fatty
  • the sweetest.

This happens because your sense of taste is dulled.

Stop following the psychoses

The marketing inventions of companies, which produce dietary foods, that make us go nuts include foods that are:

  • Gluten-free.
  • Lactose-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Sugar-free.

In fact, only 0.5% of people in the world need these products for medical reasons. The rest of the people, and even those who suffer from diabetes and allergies, can perfectly live without giving up these products, and simply consuming them in reasonable amounts.

The more products you prohibit yourself, the stronger are your cravings for them and the sharper are the bursts of caving in.

Keep “prohibited” products in free access

When you always have a piece of cake in your fridge, you will not be tempted to jump at it at the supermarket. After a while, you will discover that you are simply indifferent to it. Always allow yourself all the foods that you really want to eat.

Still, you should not consume them in quantities that exceed your true desire. Even if you have to throw it away – do not stuff the delicacies into yourself with force.

What to do if you find “healthy” food tasteless?

Our tastes change with time.

What you have to do is to learn cooking it in a delicious way.

  • From fried to baked.
  • From heavily salted – to seasoned with spices without salt.
  • From bacon in the salad – to olive oil with lemon.

Do not rush yourself, introduce new things gradually.

Continue eating both healthy and unhealthy foods at the same time. This will help you recognize what you really like and what you don’t like at all.

Stop reading labels

The fact that you learned how many calories you ate changes nothing.

The best solution is to switch to fully home cooking and eating by sensations.

Once you feel you ate enough, remove the plate from the table.

Do not eat after yourself or after your family members. It is important. It is you yourself that you should feel sorry for, and not the food.

Never use the word “diet”, especially in front of children

The very understanding of a diet means a temporary change in nutrition with an effort above yourself. Just eat what you consider to be valuable for yourself. Many eating disorders in adults are caused by the fact that they have experienced periods of their parents’ dieting in childhood.

This is the unconscious fear of malnutrition or gluttony, which affects them when they grow up. Have mercy for your kids.

The concept of a diet also has a limited use. It is believed that diets are intended for women, although men suffer equally from obesity. But it is shameful for a man to “go on a diet”. Have mercy for your husband.

Simply switch to a balanced nutrition with simple products, like:

  • vegetables,
  • meat,
  • cereals,
  • fruits.

If you want something sweet or fried, you can always have it.